What’s our 555 Gavin been up to now ?

That’s what we are all about at Classic Hot Rods !

The British points champion 555 Gavin Taber is a pure gent , he took time out on the 27th November from his business to treat a special someone to a hot rod experience day !
Gavin runs Royden service station and van sales along with Lopham vehicle services , he manages a near full season of racing as well.
Long time sponsor and follower of all things Hot Rod and Oval racing , Andrew Bigmore of Cattermoles of Ipswich has just turned 70 years of age.
He was abducted by Gavin and family and taken on a journey across to a Local raceway at Swaffam , on arrival he began to realise that his day was going to get better .
There waiting were the team with one of the classic hot rods(116 mk2 Escort) from the Taber stable ready to be taken for a spin around the raceway.
Safety gear on and a few pointers from the champion 555 Taber and Andrew was off on one of the greatest experiences a hot rod fan could have.
Andrew came back of track beaming , the day had been organised with Gavin by Andrews wife .
The day then took a turn has Mrs Taber took the reigns of the 116 Ford Anglia (used by Gavin’s father Adrian). Move over champ ! The Mrs is coming through.
Well done great work Gavin Taber truly the act of a champion.

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