Two days Two wins

Boyd secures the Scottish Championship and takes The Malcolm Chesher Memorial

14 Classic hot rods turned in for a rather wet Saturday evening at HRP Lochgelly , 2 opening heats and a grid for the Scottish Championship.

Gavin Taber had to make adjustments to the car due to the weather and the wet suits were out , choice of tyres etc and away we went .Two Trevor’s over the top of the twelve cars booked in then 25 Cussack and 12 Harris . English man, Irish man and Scotsman arrived in the pits , where’s Mike Oliver when you need a welsh man? Promises of a few good jokes there.!

Heat one was j taken by hot favourite 45 Craig Boyd.

Heat two a win for the Scots in the form of Jock Campbell a regular on the podium in Scotland, Boyd 45 in second and Matt Mc Pherson in 3rd .

Championship time and a wet track doesn’t suit all , Boyd was on it and found the way to the front as top qualify starring on outside pole. Absolutely  drove a great race from start to finish itn poor weather conditions  to take the win ,Well Done Craig.

Day two a few less cars and a lot dryer day for some classic hot rod racing .

Heat one a time to see what might be needed for a better set up and time to slide round the track, 45 Craig Boyd coming through in 1st place with Taber in 2nd.

Heat two a reverse grid and Taber hits the front driving tight till the flag ,24 Wright 2nd and 3rd Boyd

The English had invaded the front rows were ready for taking glory for a second day in a row , 116 Adrian Taber sporting new colours was further back but still in support .

There was improvement in the weather and it could go anyway between the top three so far , Wright after all the hard work on the mk1 was reaping benefits and giving fellow Englishmen a hard time.

It was Boyd who took the flag and the little A40 again to take the Malcolm Chesher memorial trophy to had with the previous nights rewards.

Alan Pirouet Photography.(oval racing photos)

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