Tipperary 13 05 18-18

A fine sunny Sunday afternoon in Tipperary . A dry track and eight classic hot rods . Time for a ice cream sit back and let your ears get pounded by those purring fords.
Drivers on attendance 19 Anthony Morgan , 25 Trevor Cussack ,57 Mike Oliver ,97 Joel Richardson ,99 Liam Bushe ,175 Andy O’Donnell ,195 Adrian Boyle and 464 Mike Meade.

Heat one was underway 99 Bushe led briefly before 464 Meade passed on the dry outside line followed by 19 Morgan and 175 O’Donnell . the later two exchanging blows before 175 catching hold of 19 rear quarter and taking him for a spin on turn one. With 175 facing the wrong way , 57 Mike Oliver had no where to go other than head on , this took out the radiator on the 57 car retiring him to the infield along with 175.
464 Meade led up to have way 19 Morgan managed to get through chased by 97 Richardson who looked to be struggling with a loose back end was unable to get any closer the win going to 19 Anthony Morgan.

results heat 1 19 97 464 195 25 99 .

Heat 2 again Bushe got off to a good start before the domination of 464 Meade and the pack hunted him down . Meade took to the fore and led until a handful of laps Richardson pulled up along on the outside . Meade battled back but Richardson drove clear to take the win . 19 Morgan and 175 O’Donnell went for a photo finish for third , Morgan getting it by a wing tip.

Results Heat 2 97 ,464 ,19 ,175 , 57 , 25 ,195 ,99

Final Time (clutch start)

No mike Oliver and O’Donnell retiring before the drop of the green , left 7 drivers to entertain the crowd. 99 Bushe dropped back has 464 Meade came to the front . 19 Morgan wound up his mk2 taking up the lead . Meade battled back bouncing off the wall before loosing the rear tyre on turn 4.
Morgan was out in front 97 Richardson came up to 2nd before developing a miss fire and retiring . A fairly straight finish to the end race win to 19 Anthony Morgan , making it a heat and final.

Results Final 19, 25 ,195 ,99.

Race report by Andy Hankin .

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