The race day review Aldershot 23 rd August 2020-2020

Welcome to new driver 55 Paul Preston having purchased the ex Rich Adams car and looked good on track at Aldershot, another ex grass track racer joining classics.

The biggest turnout for Aldershot in classic hot rods history , well done to all those who made the effort , especially the three drivers who came from Scotland following yonder star , oh hold on we aren’t at xmas yet!

It’s been a funny old year and a long time since we were at Hednesford back in march, the loss of quite a few well known drivers along the way including Pete Stevens who was a big fan of classic hot rods. Not forgetting Leapy was 76 this week and George Polley also turning another year, would be great to see then at it one more time?

Well the change from crossflow to zetec has paid off for Jamie Johnson the car was a lot more lively and performed great on the oval Sunday , picking up some damage in heat one and a win in heat two before being spun out of the chance for glory in the final.

Kenny Purdie the spanker looks great and had further work to carry out between heats when the axle threw a wobbler but still picking up good places in a busy race stream.

The donut was charging through everywhere on Sunday and after stoppage in heat one was firm favourite to come from fifth to win on the next green flag drop , not too bad in heat two but picked up a black cross for spinning Stuart Wright out in the final.

The points championship is wide open with Taber retiring after heat one having brought out the angle box to find it running poorly towards the end of heat one.

What should have been a favourite on the tight line was the mini of Mills but didn’t look to have the pace all day, whilst Kitchen in the same Livery picked up damage in heat one to the mechanical side of things.

Some rubbing went on has could be expected with nigh on twenty classic around Aldershot ; Dave Cushion forced wide and losing a wheel in heat one a few dented “arse” ends by the end of the day as well. 

Kevin Roberts was handed his first win in the formula when Hughie was disqualified in the final with fellow team traveller Andy Lee picking up third.

Dan Buckley blew the engine pre hand in a practice session at Birmingham and was a late entry having done a full rebuild it paid off with a second in heat two and second in the final.

Martin Balfour has been in touch he was impressed with his days racing picking up a fourth in heat two and fifth in the final with the ex Graeme Callendar 100e ; let’s see how he goes in the mk2 he has allegedly purchased from John McFarlane.

We await news for the next fixture, hoping for a run out at Ipswich which would be good and could see a few more blowing cobwebs off; we will post up when we know until then my friends stay safe.

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