Southern classics


Aldershot hosts the fourth classic hot rod meeting since out of lockdown and there’s a few down on numbers.  With covid restrictions coming into force in Scotland we may not see any of the drivers this time around; Martin Balfour still has a few bits to do on the 100e since the axle ripped out on his last meeting. Graeme Callendar has the mk2 Escort up for sale but isn’t fussed whether or not it sells.

Dan Buckley has carried out major repairs since Hednesford when the front took a bashing and is hopeful that the car will perform well on Sunday; Kevin Roberts who survived two incidents at Hednesford also lines up for a return south after being awarded the final last time at Aldershot.

Craig Boyd finally has time out from a busy work schedule and will be piloting the A40 which took Graham to a hat trick at Hednesford last meeting, whilst is sister Kara has still to fully master the original A40 classic hot rod built by team Boyd.

Charlie Schembri and Paul Hollis will be ready to go as always with both cars performing well so far this season; whilst Charlie’s ex Anglia is still somewhere in the depths of Jason Busby’s workshop still or that’s where it was last seen? Busby is yet to make a return.

Paul Preston makes his second entry and has had some time to make a few changes to the ex rich Adams car, will it perform a whole lot better this time.

Others making the meeting will be Nick Ross with the Talbot Sunbeam travelling down from the midlands and also Keith Mills in the Mini a local driver or be it nearer to the track.

Gavin Taber will be on his way across from Norfolk with intentions to defend his English point’s title to the extreme; although recently he has offered for sale a whole host of classic rolling stock, which may indicate that his father Adrian may not be racing for the fore seen future.

The track is tight and fast and no doubt for those of you who have purchased tickets the drivers will be entertaining.

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