Shale Shifting

Back tracking time and a review of this years visit to the shale shifter meeting at Mildenhall Stadium , home of the best fish and chips in Suffolk.

Numbers are so up and down in the classic hot rods at the minute,even more so when you mention shale! However 121 Charlie Schembri has been converted , yes the mk1 has got down and dirty with the Italian Stallion.

With two visitors from Scotland 84 John McFarlane and 63 John Watkins to add in we had the same number of cars has last year , eleven in total .

Heat one was a bit slow with only a inside line and not much to pass with on the outside without going into the wheatabix and loosing the back end. The shorter wheelbase a40’s of team Boyd flying through the field , with three from home 555 Taber and Buzz Boy hooked up for a spin out of turn two. Team Boyd taking a one two has the old boy giving Craig lessons on the shale.

Heat two and a bit of pre race tyre packing with rolling laps three a breast, Jamie Johnson leading away from white grade having ventured out with the zetec power unit . He tells me there is still teething issues and hopes to have them sorted for later in the year. A false start meant a second go at the get away , the track much smoother and the pace somewhat quicker. Craig made the break from Graham and chased after the leaders , taking over from Johnson just before half way 45 Boyd was on for the win.

Final time and 271 Johnson holding the lead until running into issues when 121 Schembri took over just before half way; Craig Boyd was up to third and dropped out with running issues , leaving the old boy to make the challenge ; Graham Boyd with two to go seized his chance coming out of turn two on the inside , 121 Schembri holding on for a good second.

Well done all , especially our long distance boys and fresh converts (121).

Classic Hot Rods Heat 1
445 Graham Boyd,45,121,116,87,421,84,72,271,63

Classic Hot Rods Heat 2
45 Craig Boyd,445,121,555,116,421,87,271

Classic Hot Rods Final
445 Graham Boyd, 121 Charlie Schembri, 421 Chris Aldridge, 555,72,87,116,63

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