Season Opener

The new season adorns and what is in store for classic hot rods ?
For those who haven’t heard we have lost Birmingham wheels , leaving us with one midland tarmac track and one shale.
Shale at Mildenhall has been successful in previous years so the Northampton track could host some great racing.
Our season starts this Sunday at Hednesford Hills Raceway, start time 1.30pm; currently 18 cars are booked in but the list is still open .
A whole selection of new drivers and cars are due to come along into the best oval retro formula there is!
We will see the first mini take part for many years ; Keith Mills brings to the table a fine tune specimen of a clubman fronted car . Straight cut gears the all singing dancing mini may have a chance against our stronghold of Fords.
555 Gavin Taber has been out practising in his Triumph Dolomite but he may opt for the double points championship winning Anglia for Sunday. His father Adrian will most likely pilot the ex Steve Kite car he used in the live arena at the MWA show back in February.
Darren Owen currently has his Mk2 escort up for sale and will not be joining us , whilst Rich Adams whose car is also up for sale ( a package with truck at under 20K) will be out on track.
Darren Anslow 7 will bring the Mk1 to the table has he starts his quest of three from the back in the classic hot rods.
Hopefully good weather for this time of year will give us some great racing at Staffordshire’s finest oval race track.
Dave Cushion is back for more this season in the ex Stuart Wright Anglia , whilst Stuart pilots the Mk1 which took him to victory in the 2019 Midlands championship.
209 Andy Lee has had the whole car apart and we await the latest version of the ex Clive Richardson mk2, he will be joined by 168 Kev Roberts in their quest for 2020.
Defending National champion 421 Chris Aldridge returns after a lapse while the Engine was out being refreshed.
With team Boyd to be added into the mix the sound of 18 classic hot rods echoing through the west bend grandstand is one not to be missed.

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