seaside anyone?

Great Yarmouth isn’t for every driver in the classic hot rods and those that turn in receive equal points; it gives them a chance to demonstrate the formula to the holiday makers.

Last year’s was a celebration of 72 Gary Goodswen’s points title win; with him being sponsored by the track.

This year it’s a double whammy! 555 Gavin Taber taking the points title and the newly crowned national champion 421 Chris Aldridge both hailing from the East!

 A chance for them both to show off to their local fans their new roof grades and demonstrate why classic hot rods are a fantastic formula to watch.

Making the journey and a fair travelling on a Sunday for 121 Charlie Schembri and 353 Steve  Spooner along with 98 Nigel Murphy and 271 Jamie Johnson will all join them for the meeting.

445 Graham Boyd will swap his tractor for a few hours for the Austin A40 and maybe one to catch on the tarmac of Great Yarmouth.

A worthy trip out for some good old fashioned hot rod racing, sea, sun? And definitely sand plus some fish and chips.

Start time 5.30pm

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