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Hednesford 10 03 19

Whilst there was snow in some areas of the UK places although cold and windy the track remained dry for the first classic hot rods meeting of 2019.

17 drivers booked into race and 17 we had not quite the same 17 but there was some nice fresh looking cars none the less.

Ben Hardy 169 fell short of his first meeting when drive line issues on the transmission stopped him mid way of a few practice laps, back on the trailer for a disappointed Ben.

Hughie Weaver full refurbish on the mk1 , stunning sign work by our own spedeworth dynamic Dave Baldwin signs aka graphics by Dave. Unfortunately Hughie spun out in heat one and took out the off side suspension on both corners ouch !

Kevin Feeney made a return in the fresh painted ex Thomas Dilly mk2 escort starting at the back progress looked a little slow.

Heat one with 20 Dave Fry from white , should have been a walk over but the 100e doesn’t seem to have the power of the ex points champions previous cars. Stephen Gooding in the Avenger seemed to make great progress at the front the car handling really well and some great battles to try and hold on.

Just under half way and 98 Nigel Murphy now at yellow grade after his first 3 from the back marched on by to take the win by a good distance.

Heat 1 winner 
98 Nigel Murphy 31 121 20 555 116 209 93 119 353 871

Heat 2 and Nigel moved to the rear of his grid but pulled off with issues during the course of the race..

The battle of the Dave’s for the first half of the race although 31 Gooding still on it in the avenger looked quicker . However it was “Narfolk Dave” Gavin Taber who came through from the rear has reigning points champion to wind the angle box up and take the win

.Heat 2 Winner 555 Gavin Taber 20 121 31 353 116 93 119 421


A few missing for the final , left a clear path for Taber to get going and was top five within the same amount of laps , once around the traffic he was gone into the distance . A class performance from our points champion and fastest lap times as well.

The interesting point was 209 Andy shakey Lee who came from further back in the ex Richardson car to take his first podium finishing third , bear in mind this was his third time at the rear possibly red for first grade?

Finishing behind him in fourth was 93 Rosco in the Talbot sunbeam , re grading new starters will be fun this early season.

Final Winner 555 Gavin Taber 20 209 93 421 35 119 121


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