Review 84 Jock Mc Fastlane

Driver review 84 John McFarlane

John’s part in the formula has mainly to promote the Scottish side of racing and helping to build the driver base .
His deal with Alec Wilson on the chevette for a escort shell meant he would not race early season , however the driver base would be plus one.
Knowing that he would get the escort into shape was not an issue other than time.
The car was prepared and then sign written by Craig Jones from designs from online classic hot rod artist  Tam Valentine to a superb finish .
Early testing and racing was showing the car wasn’t dialled in has it should be , progression and work has improved it . The rain at the last meeting of the season did not do the electrical side of things any favours.
Despite all of the above and some rear starts , John has made blue grade in his first grading .
The car has gone to winter storage with a possible few tweaks after the hibernation period ready for 2019.
It’s never easy to build a car let alone race one , a big thanks must go firstly to his fellow Tuesday night hot rod enthusiastic buddies 247 Graham McCabe and 12 Trevor Harris plus a few others along the way.

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