NEW DRIVER FOR 2019-2019

Darren Anslow set out on a quest to join the classic hot rods , he wanted an iconic car that needed TLC . Scott hill a former banger driver had purchased from Shane Taylor the ex Nelly mk1 , he rebuilt it but never raced the car .
Darren struck a deal ! Took the mk1 back to his boudoir and began to do “his thang with it “
He rebuilt the roll cage , worked on the suspension to his way of racing and here she his the classic hot rod of 7 Darren Anslow .
Darren’s pedigree ? Ex economy car racer , super rods ,lightning rods and bangers . He has also help many people out with his fabrications .
He will make a great addition to the 2019 season , his nickname #stumpy

See this car at the AUTOSPORTS SHOW this weekend


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