Midland Championship

Saturday’s Midland championship looks to be a lesser grid than previous years , there are a few away on holiday or in state of repairs .
Never the less twelve to 14 cars are possible to content for the Midland Title at Birmingham Wheels Raceway in support to the second of the Brisca f1 semi finals and of course this will be televised later on the premier sports channel.
The current points battle at the top between 555 Gavin Taber , 72 Gary Goodswen and 198 Andy Steward is still to be balanced out and they will no doubt be chasing points as well the title.
116 Adrian Taber has a choice of cars this weekend , will it be Escort mk2 that took him to a podium in Scotland or the ex Pat Smith angle box that has given him a few head aches this season.
45 Craig Boyd and 236 Rhino Polley will be on board the pair of Austin A40’s ,257 Andrew Willis will be in the lil old pocket rocket A35.
Charlie Schrembri 121 will be presented in the castrol stripped mk1 Escort which look stunning at Ipswich spede weekender.
210 Hughie Weaver who had suffered from a misfire at Great Yarmouth is booked in hopefully that’s fully cured. Dave Cushion will be bringing another angle box to the game in a bid to have a go for the title has will 151 Paul Hollis.
The good guy 31 Steve Gooding will be out with his hillman avenger powered of course by Ford and has performed well at wheels before.
We await full confirmation of #donut Andy Steward was has been busy helping out in the national hot rods with team116 Haird .we may also be joined by 98 Nigel Murphy who is yet to confirm.
The championship race will be missed by newly crowned National Champion 17 Kenny Purdie who has the car on display helping out at a children’s charity event North of the border.
Start time is earlier at 6.00 pm , its a big meeting so be there early if you can .
Andy Hankin chr .

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