Midland Championship Report

Midland Championship 2018

Having been moved over to Birmingham with the brisca f1 semi finals (a need for tarmac racing in their rules ) the classic hot rods lined up in the pits amongst the feature formula.
With one driver not making it on to track the classics emerged has race 4 on the event schedule for the first of two heats .As per 2018 rules the format would be a graded one for this championship.
Whites to champions and novice drivers then ;
35 Dave cushion (Anglia) , 12 Trevor Harris,257 Andrew Willis (A35), 116 Adrian Taber (Anglia .zetec), 121 Charlie Schrembri (mk1 escort ) , 236 Rhino Polley ( A40 ) , 210 Hughie Weaver , 198 Andy Steward, 45 Craig Boyd ,555 Gavin Taber , 72 Gary Goodswen , novices 151 Paul Hollis( Anglia) and 922 Graham Legge (ex Dave york mk1 ).
Practice session had seen Hughie Weaver testing after a week under the bonnet fixing a misfire which was found in the carbs.
Due to a now wet surface it was decided to have a rolling lap start ,35 Dave Cushion was first away with 116 Taber on the chase and taking over position one with a few laps gone.
121 #italianstallion Schrembri moved up the field but dropped back has the A40 of Craig Boyd appeared on the scene ahead of the 198,555,210 and 72 express.
119 #alpacaman Taber’s lead began to diminish , further back 210 #musicman Weaver wound it up down towards turn one catching a hold of the rear quarter of 555 #vanman Gavin Taber’s angle box and spinning him out of the running in the process.
Less than Half way to run and 45 Boyd was on the tailpipe of 116 Taber , first trying the outside line then a quick switch down the inside on turn one for the lead. Forced out wide Taber let 198 #donut Steward through has well . A hot pursuit to the flag led to a victory for 45 #kartingkid Craig Boyd.
Result 45 Craig Boyd, 198 ,116 ,210 , 72 ,121 ,12 ,555 ,922 ,151

Heat number two and by now the heavens had opened the track a lot wetter glistening under the floodlighting.
Dave Cushion 35 first away in the angle box then , 116 Taber chasing hard behind and again taking over after a few laps. A coming together of 210 Weaver and 236 Polley dropping the later in front of the lead cars, Polley then dropping way back down 210 Weaver pulled up.
116 Taber pulling at least 4 car lengths on the chasers of 198 Steward , 121 Schrembri and 555 Taber with 72 Goodswen not far behind.
12 Trevor Harris collecting 151 Hollis out of turn 2 and going into the armco hard brought out the yellows for recovery and to check on Harris.
The car later rendered has being in need of much straightening , the tunnel and bulkhead both going back.
Just 5 laps to go Taber 116 led the pack away for race continuation managing to get away , 198 #donut still chasing hard and 45 Boyd trying around the outside to the flag. Race win 116 Taber in the ex Pat Smith Angle box.

Results 116 Adrian Taber , 198 ,45 ,555 ,72 ,121 ,922 ,236 ,257

The Classics would go for a rolling start then for the 2018 Midland championship racing over 25 laps to the flag, one or two getting a good start on the green.
35 Dave Cushion having a short lived lead has 121 Schrembri powered to the front of the field . 116 Taber gave hot pursuit only to be caught by 198 Andy Steward who found a way around .
198 Steward narrowed down the lead of 121 Schrembri taking over just past half way , Taber 116 was battling away to hold on to third further back as the pack encroached.
Steward taking the flag form Schrembri and Taber , steward to check and confirm result due to a championship race .
Top Three confirmed
1st 2018 Midlands champion 198 Andy #donut Steward , 2nd 121 Charlie Schrembri 3rd 116 Adrian Taber ,72 ,45 ,555 ,236 ,922 ,257

A good start for the newcomer from the back of the pack of 922 Graham Legge , finishing top 10 in all three races.


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