Wimbledon 17 02 2013


A very good turn out of cars graced the pit area some new, some last years revamped.

Jamie Bowring sporting new colours on the angle box whilst his father Paul the acquisition of the old Glenn Moore 2 door car.

Colin Hitch a colour change to black and very smart, whilst Tim Foxlow spent his money on a Anderson engine rebuild on the crossflow.

Sixteen cars were booked in pre meeting and they all turned up , probably the largest grid at the plough lane oval.

Practice was soon underway and the rear wheel drive cars were getting to grips on the tarmac , when there was an almighty crack as the front strut on the new 10 Paul Bowring car gave way sending him into the cable and post on the back straight . He spun back across on coming cars who all managed to miss him. The car needing extensive repairs , Paul a little shaken.

Heat one was under way and 29 Stuart Donald and 16 Pat Smith Jnr were Battling for the lead, both pulled up before the end with Stuart rejoining. The win went to Lee Wood in his pinto powered viva.

Heat two was pretty much a repeat at the front but Stuart made Pat work hard for the win . Meanwhile there was a coming together on turn 3-4 between 39 Dean Hunt And 22 Rob Montagner. Dean returning after a season in the 2lt hot rods and “monty” after a ban following a collision last year at Ipswich.

The Final was an easy prediction has Stuart Donald took the lead and managed to keep at least a straights length away from Smith who was pushing the angle box as much as he could . The pack pretty even behind and very few places changing but the racing was close.

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