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Suimagemmertime in Northern Ireland thankfully looked something like it should with sun, blu skies and fluffy clouds! Perfect weather indeed for a Sunday afternoon race session and DMR Promotions at Tullyroan near Dungannon once again played perfect hosts as the Classic Hots were welcomed in Northern Ireland for the second time in the 2015 season.

Six drivers were present at the meeting, with the local man from nearby Ballymena 937 Kenny Wilson being joined by five lads from South of the boarder. The final winner from the Tipperary meeting a fortnight ago and 362 Austin Fitzgerald had particularly long journeys from Cork in the South of Ireland. Indeed, Austin made his trip part way up the previous day, taking a three hour trip from Cork up to Meath to enjoy the hospitality of Gerry and Anne Rothwell before the band of southern Irishmen continued their trip over the boarder for the meeting on Sunday.

All six drivers courted the attention of the local fans prior to racing with many photographs taken, welcoming children to sit behind the wheel and answer curious questions.

It was soon into the afternoon’s proceedings for the Classics as the Magnificent Six went out for heat one. For a six car event if was remarkably close and unpredictable. Corks Austin Fitzgerald in 362 enjoyed a stomping start racing away from fellow C grade starter 156 Gerry Rothwell. From the back 100 Kevin Feeny looked a little ropy and crossed up allowing star man 175 Andy O’Donnell to get passed. Local man 937 Kenny Wilson looked very self assured at his home track and with just a touch of opposite lock round the sweeping turns, he clearly looked the fastest out there with his crossflow powered motor. Both he and 25 Trevor Cusack came to challenge Rothwell’s second place and as 156 baulked slightly, Wilson swept round the outside. But just as Kenny took the lead he retired to the in field with a dropped plug lead. This left Fitzgerald, Cusack and the fast approaching O’Donnell to battle it out for the lead. As 25 and 175 got the better of 362 it became a close fought battle for the lad, but as Cusack kept a tidy inside line, it was just enough to hold on for the win.

25 175 362 156 100

Heat Two saw a retuned Wilson complete what he set out to do in heat one. The drop of the green saw Rothwell in his fifty year old Anglia 100E look ever impressive and he held the lead for several laps before Wilson powering round the outside with his Crossflow screaming with 25 Trevor Cusack grimly hanging onto his shirt tails. From the back O’Donnell scrapped with Fenny before getting away but it was all over bar the shouting and in the end Wilsons victory was pretty comfortable.


937 25 175 156 362 100

The Final saw some close racing once again as the slight adjustment in mid meeting re grading bore fruit. The out of form Feeny started from yellow with Cusack and Wilson starting from blue. Going even faster than he did in heat two, 156 Gerry Rothwell looked very impressive indeed holding the lead for even longer this time. The blue tops of Wilson and Cusack battled past Fenny and then Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald held back Fenny momentarily as O’Donnell closed in and as the ROI men came to turn one, 175 tagged the 100 car raking Fenny into a spin. Feeny cleared to the infield quickly allowing O’Donnell to regain momentum but that paid the end to O’Donnell’s chances in the final. After Wilson and Cusack got passed Rothwell the date of the final was cast and Ilson was delighted to get a heat and final double in front of his home crowd. Rothwell achieved a creditable third holding on successfully in a close battle with O’Donnell and Fitzgerald – Kenny best finish to date.


937 25 156 175 362

A good tidy afternoons racing for the CHRs in Northern Ireland as the formula continues to impress and plant attractive racing roots in the province. Good news as more drivers will be trackside as we move onto our next meeting. Our next meeting in Ireland will be the Big One, the Irish GP in Tipperary which will attract visiting drivers from England, Scotland and Wales on 12th September before DMC Promotions welcomes us back to the North on 17th October when the CHRs visit Ahgadowey for the first time.

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