Wimbledon 16 02 2014-2014

Classic Hot Rods 16 02 14 Wimbledon

The first meeting of the year for this growing formula and the rain has held off despite recent storms. In fairness the Thames looked reasonably safe as we passed over Kew Bridge aboard with Foxlow Team. In good company and fair spirits as Tim swore at the traffic and the crazy guy in the Renault scenic 52 seater that was dragging its bottom out over a curb to get in front of us.

Arriving safely and ahead of time the return of the Hendy’s apparent as they were at the front of the queue fresh paint and ready to go. Although John senior had a few problems which escalated from the exhaust ripping off on the grid iron across the dog track in practice to it coming off in the same way before heat two. 196 Long John Hendy taking a bit of damage in heat two as well.

Eleven drivers made it down to Plough lane for this first meeting of their season, other fresh paint being with Jamie Bowring and some ne w livery for 657 Neil Smith ( the tidiest I have ever seen the ex- Richard Bolton Anglebox) .

Heat one lined up with 4 Angleboxes, 1 A40 ,3 Mk1’s and 3 Mk 2’s. A easy start saw 196 Hendy take up a early lead with 10 Bowring in chase . Steward in the 198 car turned up the heat and was soon at the front of the pack. However the flamboyant Smith 657 was on his case and with a few laps to go took the lead for the win.

10 cars lined up for heat two Hendy (196) made a bid for the lead but with what looked to be a outside front flat progressed backwards, leaving Bowring heading the pack. It wasn’t long before Steward was in command again . This time he closed all exits and Smith despite trying could not get by.

A turn 3 / 4 pile up in the closing stages had effect on the result down the field as did the docking places of Smith for jumping the start. Craig Boyd was left with heavy front panel damage , 121 Schrembri panel and suspension and 271 Jamie Johnson damage to the outer side of the car. Hendy also picked up suspension damage.

Team Boyd worked to get the car back out for the final , both Hendy’s retired for the evening along with Jamie Bowring and 6 Faulker.

The track looked a bit greasy for the final as the remaining cars came out onto the oval. It was Bowring who took the early lead . Johnson seem to be catching the infield tyres which spun him round on turns 1 /2 twice during the race before a damaged steering stopped progress.

The duo of Steward an Smith powered once again to the front , Steward holding the inside lane . Smith getting in front a couple of times exiting turn 2 before settling for second . Boyd at one stage on their tails looking for a win before spinning out and re catching the pack back to fourth. Tim Foxlow having a good damage less meeting and scoring above average points. the

Steward took the win ahead of smith who then decided to do donuts around the steward car on the finish line narrowly missing the start marshal which resulted in a disqualification . leaving the result as 198,10,445. for the top three.

It was load up time and back t’north with the 144 team via a coffee stop at Toddington.

Andy Hankin.