Birmingham Wheels 24 05 14-14


The cars took to the track for heat one with 422 Ant Whorton-Eales making his first start from the front and that he did has he flew away. Within a few laps he had a good lead over the changing second place as 31 Gooding dropped out and a charging Boyd pushed forward along with a charging 198 Doughnut Steward.

Just past half way the rain began to get heavier and cars began to lose grip except for 192 Ken Marriot who seemed to get faster . A sudden cloud bust amongst the dramatic electric storm flooded the track Dan Holden car and the cars began to slow, The track now looking like an extension of the local canal the cars plodding like barges except for Marriot in the ex Dan Holden car who was going through the water like a speed boat lapping everyone up to second place before the finish and taking a remarkable win.

By the time heat two lined up the track was a lot drier , Whorton eales again led them off and took up the early lead. Gooding hung on to second until around half way when Boyd came by chased by the 198 Doughnut express( fast food eh?) Boyd gave way and the 198 car set about chasing down Whorton -Eales . On the last bend it looked possible of a challenge by Steward as the 422 car slowed but he actually gently pushed him home for Whorton-Eales to take his first of what no doubt will be many classic hot rod wins.

Final time and no show for 422 , apparently the last corner slowing in heat 2 was engine failure and not an easy repair.

Steve Gooding led the final away Wright snr and Boyd taking up the chase. Not much change at the tail end of the pack but a cracking battle between Schrembri, Owen , Foxlow and Marriot with Owen and Foxlow finally breaking away . Meanwhile Boyd made his way to the front and took up the lead Doughnut getting past 24 Wright who was having a good race while Gooding didn’t drift too far back.

But it was Boyd who knocked up another Final win in the Austin A40.

Well done to all who sailed , oops raced on a very wet track and those who didn’t come on boys don’t’ be shy the show must go on .

Andy Hankin


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