NORTHAMPTON 27 05 2012-2012

Northampton 27 05 2012

Hitch has double but Fry’s on top.

The weather can change so much these days it’s unreal, not but two weeks ago this track and pits were a monsoon. In fact you had to catch a ferry to get to the track shop!

A reasonable line up was installed with the absence of the brothers Owen.

Heat one got off to a false start has 172 Colin Hitch and 37 Ian Wright became over anxious to get under way, resulting in them being excluded from the restart. The track shop bend looked to be getting a little greasy has back ends became looser, although Sammy Mitchells spin out was helped by the front end of Dave Fry ending in Fry being disqualified. Meanwhile 161 Daniel Holden was out in front enjoying a day off from the oval legend cars and the loan of his brother’s car enough to take the win.

Heat two lined up with Hitch on the front and his right foot a little less anxious, giving the race a clean start. Hitch didn’t put a wheel wrong and was soon lapping back markers. With a few laps in contention 10 Paul Bowring lost a front offside wheel, lunging him into the track shop bend Armco. During the race suspension the gaps closed and 161 Daniel Holden made a charge on the Hitch car but was unsuccessful. Hitch took the win meanwhile back markers who had unlapped themselves during yellow flags were disqualified from the results.

Has cars lined up for the final it was clear that the race steward was having no nonsense and was cracking the whip hard!

161 Daniel Holden failed to get the car running during the rolling lap and was pushed onto the infield. Hitch was soon out in front again and making progress. Dave Fry who was charging from the back and approaching third place clashed with Glenn Moore with both cars leaving the track on the home straight and rejoining by turn one. The result Fry out of the race and Moore down the pack a little.

Hitch was clearly away with the lead and a battle for second was on with 37 Ian Wright and 144 Tim Foxlow, Foxlow switching race line in turn one eventually got him through to take second ahead of Wright. Foxlow taking his first trophy in twenty years!

Despite a less than average day and most of that spent on the infield current points champion Dave Fry now moves to the top of the point’s charts ahead of the next round.

Classic Hot Rods
Heat 1 161 Daniel Holden 10 32 144 6 22 61 24 30 31
Heat 2 172 Colin Hitch 161 37 20 32 153 6 61 NOF
Final 172 Colin Hitch 144 Tim Foxlow 37 Ian Wright 20 6 32 30 61 31 NOF

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