IPSWICH 21 07 2012-2012

Ipswich 21 07 12

Rods on Parade!

The classic hot rods moved to Ipswich on the 21st July as support to the Spedeworth all Rover (p54 & p5) dedicated meeting. Pre meeting opportunities were available for those arriving early to join the classic car show in the stadium grounds. The main interests of these in the show were drawn to the 351 Barry Lee replica of Lee Wood and the 306 George Polley replica of Dean Hunt. These two cars being raced at Hednesford Hills raceway National Championships, the first weekend in August by the original twosome with at least ten other stars from the past in loaned cars for a special race on the Sunday.

The cars racing at Ipswich took part in a pre meeting grand parade alongside the rovers that had been prepared for banger racing that night.

Heat one lined up with the Polley replica at the back although it developed a misfire during the warm up laps and didn’t return to the oval.

Pat Smith the final winner from Gt Yarmouth led the cars away alongside 271 Jamie Johnson. A threesome emerged at the forefront with 6 Graham Faulkner chasing from the rear. Foxlow in car 144 and Lee in the 351 replica looked to be making ground on them when Lee developed engine problems. Meanwhile Johnson was holding on to the lead and Smith was slipping down the grid. Bringing up the rear was the re built Austin A40 making its debut and gaining a place at least before pulling off. With three laps to go a pushing Montagner gathered up Smith and lunged into the Armco exiting turn four , a sharp reaction from 30 Bowring meant he avoided the crash. The race was stopped with the Angle box of Smith swatted on the wall like a fly by the Vauxhall chevette of Montagner! The race was chequered flagged and Jamie Jonhson 271 took the win. Montagner received a fractured shoulder and bruising, Smith a large repair job!

Cars for heat two arrived on track with the obvious absences. Johnson now moved back a grade due to the win meant that 6 Faulkner could make a clean get away, chased in the early stages by 144 Foxlow. Dave Fry was making good progress from the back and mid field a battle between Bowring and Sammy Mitchell which was decided by the slowing car of 61 Holden retaining Mitchell out of turn four whilst the others pulled away. Faulkner was half a lap at least in front and approaching back markers when the flag dropped for him to take the win.

Tin Foxlow and David Holden led the pack away for the final as the two heat winners were moved back a little. Foxlow was away and on song leading up to around half way, Holden slipped back as Faulkner made is move chasing down the leader and passing him. Dave Fry who was on a charge had problems getting by 37 Wright but once passed he was gaining ground on 271 Johnson. Has Faulkner reached the back markers he slowed as not to get tangled up with a few car lengths in hand he could do so? Fry was hot on Johnson’s tail but not quite enough laps were left for him to take third. The A40 had made the final and finished third from the back proving although running a fabricated frame suspension it was gaining no real advantage.

So a heat and final for 6 Graham Faulkner on Spedeworths premier oval! Making him the first East Anglian Champion of the formula. How will he perform at Hednesford find out next report?

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