HEDNESFORD 01 07 2012-2012

Hednesford 01 07 2012

Hednesford Hills Raceway on the 1st of July was the venue for not only the classic hot rods but a full day of veteran racing, with the old boys out racing bangers and stockcars as well.

Twenty one cars made it to the raceway with David Owen sporting his brand new mk2 escort two door. Other interests were that of Leyland Marsden (a super star of the ovals in many formulas) who was at the wheel of an Owen rent a car.

Heat one got off to a rapid start with front runners Jamie Bowring and co setting the pace from the front now having enjoyed a win from there at Birmingham he was keen to duplicate the same. Although being chased down by Wright (jnr) and Oliver 57; the rest of the pack seemed to be wide spread. David Owen looked to be getting used to his new car and Marsden was soon on the pace from the back of the grid. Sammy Mitchell looked to be having a few problems as was veteran Stu Donald who was out for the first time in around twenty years but failed to finish heat one. Donald was a star of the v6 super rod era along with Tim Foxlow who has recently returned taking to this formula as an alternative to the near extinct super rods.

The victory for heat one went to Stuart Wright in the 924 Angle box with Jamie Bowring second and Mike Oliver 3rd.

Heat two arrived on the track and Stu Donald was back out the car performing a lot better this time saw him getting to grips a little better. Bowring was away from the front again and gained advantage as the 924 car of Wright spun out exiting turn four but it was the ex super rod driver Tim Foxlow who dug his heels in and found his old rhythm has he moved towards the front taking the lead and the victory . This would be Tim’s first victory in some twenty years with Bowring second and Oliver taking another 3rd place.

The final looked now to be promising for one of the front runners and a possible podium for the others. The race got under way, missing was Mike Oliver out with Differential problems and also Sammy Mitchell not making the final. The front three were setting the pace when a combination of Foxlow pushing it on and Wright hanging his arse end out resulted in Wright sideways out of turn four pushed by the oncoming Foxlow across the infield as far as turn one. Leaving both drivers out of the race .Bowring was now romping away with the final the only other thing was to sort out the other podium places. Another casualty during the race was David Owen who when his car went sick was clipped by Marsden has he went to pull in putting him into the Armco on the podium hunt result in frontal and rear damage , a real shame on this smart looking car.

The final result Bowring 1st, 32 Glenn Moore a deserved 2nd and Darren Owen 3rd.

Looking briefly at the other racing on the day, which is when the banger drivers of yesteryear return to the race way for “just one last goes”. The only thing is they still race as hard as they did in their day!. Star drivers and big names such as Tony Usher, Ken Gibbs, Karl Williams, Fred Brock snr and this year Billy Speak (father of multi time stockcar champion Rob and Banger ace Wlif). The cars a range of Granada’s, Jaguars, Volvo’s and always a few American classics.

This year being no different and for those of you who know little of the sport, some of the Volvos and Yanks often have the good old v6 or 2lt pinto transplanted into them. This year a Lincoln continental running on v6 Granada power and it looked to be moving a good pace, a stretch limo and a v8 lexus into the bargain. The first two races were won by local Star driver 01 Tony Usher who started a lap down in the final to give the others a chance. Although he could not catch the man who was on fire around the ash felt, Billy Speak who romped to victory. They then proceeded into a Demolition Derby which destroys the cars with the last man standing taking victory which just happened to be 44 Dave Bugsy Burrows in his stretch limo.

The other formulas raced were the big v8 Chevrolet veteran stock cars and the veteran f2 stock cars (the predecessors of the pinto powered cars featured in a previous issue) these powered by old side valve engines and bmc 1800 units.

The next Classic Hot rod meeting takes us to a cable and post venue at Gt Yarmouth on the 15 Th July.

Classic Hot Rods
Heat 1 924 Stuart Wright 30 57 161 61 8 144 10 88 37
Heat 2 144 Tim Foxlow 30 57 172 32 20 8 161 61 37
Final 30 Jamie Bowring 32 Glen Moore 8 Darren Owen 20 172 161 10 7 29 37

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