GREAT YARMOUTH 15 07 2012-2012

Great Yarmouth 15th July 2012

Hot Rod and Chips.

For many years I have gone for holidays at Gt Yarmouth but never have I visited the stadium. I have always considered it to be a busman’s holiday.

However I have now discovered that I may have been missing out on some good oval motorsports over those years. It seems the track at the end of the universe for many is a flat smooth tarmac oval with figure of eight capabilities and a good old fashioned cable and post fence.

This round for the classic hot rods has always produce less than ten cars but everything has to change as a dozen of the finest examples rolled down the A47 to prepare for battle.

All cars and drivers made the pre meeting practice session and seemed to be well suited to the track. The weather was a little undecided as black clouds gathered over head producing a small shower of rain but that cleared and we had a decent evening of weather taboo.

Heat one lined up on track, we had suggested a three lap warm up and the rolling into the start. The pace car was close to getting a shunt has the beasts were released from turn four for the charge down the straight. It was Pat Smith jnr in angel box 16 who took the early lead, his car the ex Steve Morton car purchased by Steve from Richard Bolton (2009) points’ champion. Pat has rebuilt the car removing the pinto added by Steve and putting back in the original cross flow engine has run by Richard. You could tell this has Pat pulled away from the rest of the pack by half way he was closing on the back of the field four to five car lengths up on second place Jamie Johnson 271. Lee Wood was giving the pinto powered Vauxhall Viva an outing and was chasing the lead cars when a track rod end broke taking him out to rest on the fence between turns one and two. Smith took a comfortable win his first in the formula.

Heat two lined up minus Lee Wood due to lack of available repair parts. The start a little tidier , Johnson led them off it was Smith and David Holden who jump started and gained advantage both pushing on into the first set of corners Holden leaning on the inside of Smith forcing him out towards the wires. Smith held on and unleashed the horses he pulled away and set about getting past Johnson. He tried the inside line and then the outside line and back again , has soon as he got the clear chance he was by and off into the lead romping away for victory number two. Meanwhile Holden was still battling away but loosing places, Montague 22 was pushing 37 Wright around the oval climbing on his side exiting turn two and has a group of six cars hit turn three it all went wrong. The bend became semi blocked with cars, Owen was out with a snapped water pump has he hit the rear of another car and Dave Fry amid the action was also out of the race. Smith took the flag but both he and Holden were docked two places giving the win to Jamie Johnson 271.

The final now a little short of the twelve cars started with Smith and Johnson both heat winners tucked up behind Holden . Holden took a early lead but was chased down and passed by Smith , leaving Holden fending off Johnson for second place and Daniel Holden 161 trying his best to get by Johnson , however the 1,2,3 looked set in concrete as they crossed the finish line.

Driver of the day had to be Pat Smith jnr for actually doing the treble but being docked in one of them.

A guest appearance was 800 Thomas Hannah in an Owen rent a car picking up 3 points from the back of the pack on his first outing of 2012.

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