BIRMINGHAM 31 03 2012-2012

Birmingham Report 31 03 2012

The classic hot rods visited Birmingham Wheels on the 31st March with 16 cars taking up pit space the racing looked promising.

Jamie Bowring the son of Paul making an appearance in a fresh built Angle box powered by 2lt pinto. Signalling a change from the nova stock rod he normally races, across to the classic hot rods, giving his dad a bit more competition. The car was perfectly prepared and he took his time with it on the track as to run it in a bit.

Mike Oliver was giving the ex Brantwood motor an outing in new livery which is for hire if you fancy a go. Mike set the pace in heat one holding on to take a comfortable win. The midfield action came from Sam Mitchell and Dave Fry provided the excitement along with Darren and David Owen adding to the duo.

Heat one was a warm up I think because the racing seemed to get faster and more intense for heat two. A close bunched pack of star graded drivers were pushing each other corner to corner. So much that Dave Holden’s attack on the rear of the Oliver car left a few kilograms of David Isopon’s p38 a mid turns 1 and 2. This resulted in a rough running Mk1 for Oliver and a black cross I believe for Holden. Oliver pulled to the infield with troubles, leaving Roger Wright out in front with the pack chasing. It was Darren Owen who broke free and gave chase nipping past Wright in the last lap to take the chequered flag.

The fast and the furious were lined up for the Grand final; Wright made a swift get a way and once in front became unstoppable. The rest exchanging blows around the oval with Sammy Mitchell pushing his way past the Owens. It was David who managed to stay ahead for third place whilst Darren was piped by Dave Fry for fourth.

Meanwhile at the rear of the pack an off form Montague was receiving a hammering from newcomer 172 Colin Fitch who seemed to have found some form with his mk2 Escort.

The racing overall for the night was that intense it took the shine off the contact formula of the Brisca formula two stockcars! I’m afraid they may need to take a look at the Hot rods and entertain the crowd in a similar way. The DVD of the meeting is well worth a purchase. (Links from Incarace website.).

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