BIRMINGHAM 09 06 2012-2012

Birmingham 09 06 2012

The second visit of the season to Birmingham wheels raceway had come around and what a fixture! Brisca formula one Chevrolet powered stock cars, V8 stock cars and of course Classic hot rods. If ever there was a fixture for petrol heads this was the one the growl of two lots of v8 engines followed by the roar of the mighty pinto’s and twin carb crossflows.

A fine turnout of cars always precedes excellent racing and that it did.

Roger Wright was running Stuart’s angle box but didn’t seem to get to grips with it and retired early, David Owen was missing from the field and this could give Dave Fry a chance to increase the point’s gap. However a few new front runners recently, having done their customary three meetings from the back was to put pay to that plan.

Heat one arrived on track and looked good with all cars making the first race, Jamie Bowring was now at the front and was about to make good use of the fact , he swiftly got out in front and battled with Colin Hitch but took a comfortable win. Meanwhile the mid pack was putting on a fine demonstration on how to get rear wheel drive motors around a tight oval. Sammy Mitchell was out in his Mk2 and was taking it easy, his angle box is now up for sale if you fancy ago?

Heat two looked to be a repeat until the angle box of Graham Faulker came to a sudden halt on turn four directly in front of the lead cars ending in Bowring with a busted radiator and infield bound. Mike Oliver and David Holden were then given the chance to catch them and push on through to take first and second places respectively.

The crowd were already buzzing about these classic cars and the racing they had seen so far was on par with the mighty stock cars but would the final be any better? Colin Hitch made full advantage of being down the front and has he led the pack away he used the entire open track in front of him to do so. The pack were soon bunch up behind with Darren Owen looking for any gap to pass the rest to catch the lead cars. Dave Fry was hot on his tail , they both were making progress until they came upon David Holden who was holding is line and despite being given several blue flags(faster cars behind move over) was ignoring them to hold on to his position. Owen pushed on in to turn 3 on the outside and squeezed Holden across enough to get between him and the Armco then late braking into turn one, result Owen was by next came Fry , Holden’s car was looking a little loose now as well probably due to hot tyres with the back end dancing out of the corners. All a little too late I’m afraid though as the chequered flag dropped for Hitch and a second final win, Owen second Fry third.

The next outing for these cars will be at Hednesford 1st of July in support to the classic bangers and stock cars, they them got to Great Yarmouth on the 15th July. I think a few more supporters may have been gained as many of the stock car fans were impressed by the classics.

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