IPSWICH 25 04 2011-2011

Ipswich 25 4 11

The biggest meeting of the season saw a packed crowd at Ipswich.

Race one started well with ten cars on the grid, Lee woods 333 got off to a good start in his Vauxhall and blasted past Mitchell and Lee Holden only to spin out after dropping water and blowing his head gasket. The top three places where taken by 3rd no.924, 2nd no.22 and 1st no.20 Dave Fry.

Race two again got off to a flyer, the track was very slippy and had water patches left on the track from the bangers in the previous race leaving it very hard for cars to overtake. The top three places went to 3rd place no.8, 2nd place no.20 and 1st place Stuart Wright 924.

The final proved to be a fantastic competitive race with Daz Owen bouncing off the armcove in his effort to reach the front. Having an epic battle with Monty, Dave Holden, Dave Fry, Stuart Wright with Sam Mitchell chasing the pack. The crowd where entertained with a blast from the past as these special cars did not disappoint and in my opinion stole the show.


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