Great Yarmouth

On a bright and sunny afternoon, the classics put on a show for the crowd.. It would seem as if it was a banger race if you had looked at the cars at the end of the day with the most contact had all season. Most cars had some damage but only because of the lack of grip, and one racing line. Try as they might very little over taking was had and that was only done if you got up the inside line. The most damage was when in practice Paul bowering and Dave Holden had a massive colision and this bent Daves axle back but Monty cut and re-welded it back and race on he did. A masive pull with the winch and a lot of gaffer tape and Paul was also ok to race on. The first race was won by Lee Holden with Sam Mitchell all over the back of Lee, he held on for the win and Paul Bowering coming third. The second race was much the same but this time Mitchell blasting up the inside of Holden to take the lead on the first corner and win the second race from Holden and 599 John Hendy jnr, his first race of the season it was good to see the Hendys return, with Mark and big John also in action. The final again was a follow the leader apart from all three Hendys and Bowering piling up at corner 3 away from the pits giving Mitchell a free run to move in to third, at the end it was Lee Holden, Paul Bowering and Sammy Mitchell who got the top three places next up Hednesford. With four meetings left its getting close at the top of the points will Dave FRY or MONTY the favorates do it watch this space.

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