BIRMINGHAM 19 03 2011-2011

Birmingham 19 03 2011

The Formula known has Classic Hot Rods, was underway for their first meeting at Birmingham Wheels raceway in the heart of the second city on 19th March. A good turnout of cars for this early meeting was the intended plan, all things considered with cars blowing up in practice session’s pre hand and the loss of a few drivers left us looking at a field of around 14 cars.
Sam Mitchell (153) had blown a hole in his engine during a last minute practice at Northampton on the Wednesday. He managed to locate a replacement cross flow off of Richard Bolton (23), a left over from his retirement. The engine was fitted and during pre race practice Sam blew the clutch out, but this still didn’t stop the commitment of this driver who was back out for heat one.
A few new drivers have appeared in the formula, with more to come. One of them is ex-stock rod superstar driver 905 Kevin Johnson, Kevin last raced bangers a season ago before receiving a 12 month ban. So ban up Kevin was keen to race but what? He had loaned the Darren Owen car which was built by John Hendy and had no money spared on it. Negotiations are now under way for the purchase of the car; Kevin could be a man to watch in the formula given his race record.
Paul Wenlock is another new driver to the classic scene in an Mk2 escort, race number 160. He looked to have a reasonable nights racing and settling in well.
Glen Moore (32) over the closed season had purchased a four door ready built shell from Richard Bolton, adding his new colour scheme of blue and red may have done the trick. Glen managed a comfortable win in heat one just a head of Lee Wood in the ford powered viva, although Lee had taken the early lead.
Heat two was a lot better has most of the cars were now warm and the drivers had blown away their cobwebs, A few close battles were going on around the field with 22 Ray Montagner not giving an inch for 8 Darren Owen to get by, both coming out of the bends sideways with nothing between them. Stuart Wright 924 having a similar battle with Roger Wright 24 has son pushed father around the short oval turns. The win was taken by Lee Holden in 266 a green mk2 escort four door.
The meeting Final looked to be a battle from the front but has they lined up problems arose for the 266 car of heat two winner Holden, as the car began to steam like a kettle ready for tea. The track marshal‘s looked around the car and Holden was quarantined to the infield as a casualty.
It was another one of the Holden’s team that charged to the front and stayed there to take the win. Meanwhile a battle for second place had begun between 32 Moore and 33 Wood, resulting in a little damage to the rear of the 33 car and the front of the 32 car by the end of the race. The best racing was going on mid field as at stages the bends were charged by a 6 car pack of Owen, Mitchell, Fray, Fry, Montagner, bowring and Stu Wright. Not an inch between them and places swapping this pack were showing the best of their abilities and skills, followed by a shake of hands and liquid refreshments.
The Final Result 61 Holden, 333 Wood, 32 Moore.
Full Meeting Results were.
Classic Hot Rods
Heat 1 32 333 10 61 22 8 924 153 24 21
Heat 2 266 32 10 61 153 8 333 22 924 905
Final 61 333 32 20 10 8 153 905 24 160
Drivers in attendance
10 Paul Bowring, 8 Darren Owen, 20 Dave Fry, 21 Rick Fray, 266 Lee Holden, 61 David Holden, 22 Ray Monagener, 924 Stuart Wright, 24 Roger Wright, 153 Sam Mitchell, 905 Kevin Johnson, 160 Paul Wenlock, 333 Lee Wood and 32 Glen Moore.
The Next Classic Hot rod meeting is 3rd April at Northampton International Raceway.

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