ALDERSHOT 05 06 2011-2011

Aldershot 05/06/11

Round five saw the classic hotrods at Aldershot for yet a wet and slippy days racing for the second meeting on the trot. This may have had a lot to do with the low numbers turning up 9 cars. Once agen we did not fail to impress as spectators who raced to the pits to see the drivers and cars alike and show enthusiam for these cars. Paul Bowering won the first race from Monty and Daz Owen, there was not much passing as track conditions dictated the racing line. The second race was much better as the track dried and the classics were in full flow with lots of action and overtaking going on with Dave fry, Monty and Sam Mitchell taking the top 3 places. The rain again came down in the final leaving one racing line, it was Dave Fys turn to start at the front and that is were he stayed followed by Monty again on slicks and Paul Bowering who is a contender this year to win the points. Well done to all who raced Lee Woods had a bad day with first his battery fault and fuel pump failure in the final.Its getting close at the top of the points with just 6 meetings left who will take last years championship dean hunts title. my moneys on one of the two veterans dave fry 20 or monty 22 its lookin tight

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