Northampton 21 04 2014-2014

Classic hot rods Easter Monday

With Tim Foxlow suffering from deep vein thrombosis , Gary Winter ton missing, Hendy snr in jnr’s car , we were three down before the start.

Darren Owen then went and blew his differential in practice meant another loss but with a tad of brotherly love at Easter David Owen handed over his mk2 to Darren.

Heat one commenced with eleven cars , 444 Gary Andrews led them away and stayed there for a while. Graham Faulker took over at the front and was soon being chased by the 20 car of a fast moving Dave Fry . Fry taking the lead not long past half way and 198 Steward chasing through for second place as fry took the win.

Heat two set much the same story line although Faulker took a good lead Dave Fry still managed to get past him to take the win with 3 laps to go. De javu was the result of the first three cars home.

A few missing the final amongst them 422 Ant Whorton Eales who had steering problems after hitting the curbs.

It was 6 Faulker who led them off and took advantage of clean air, 198 Steward seemed to slow and have problems which didn’t seem to clear despite pulling in on the safe area a few times. Darren Owen was soon up into second place but was not narrowing Faulkers lead. 45 Craig Boyd wound the a40 up and had 271 johnson under pressure before exiting also to the infield. It was 20 Fry who came marching through getting Owen under pressure , relieving him of second place a but unable to catch Faulker.

As we got in the closing stages we were down to five runners and 121 Schrembri had Owen in sight but ran out of laps . Leaving Faulker to become the 2014 Midlands Champion , Fry 2nd and Owen having worked hard for it 3rd.

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