Birmingham 30 the March 2013.


The classic hot rods took their first trip to the second city raceway on the e 30th March. Eighteen cars were booked in for a race session , missing was Stuart Donald the early points leader and Darren Owen. Stuart had gone on yes ! A Mod scooter rally which is his other retro stance, Darren simply off on his Jollies in sunny Wales.

The cars looked good out in practice but Fil Gambone was having knock on problems following Hednesford , His distributor had got damaged and was still playing up . Unfortunately after a bit of a debate and tinkering in the pits it was decided not to run the car .

Jamie Johnson in the 271 car was  putting in his first appearance of the year and 444 Gary Andrews was out in the ex- Sam Mitchell car.

The East of England contingent had rolled in wit Monty and Dan Holden plus Kevin Addy.

Things were set for a good old fashioned meeting and has this formula grows so does the enthusiasm for all thing retro , in that Tim Foxlow was sporting a very classic style Ford Rally Jacket to keep his bones warm in the pits.

Heat one was under way and Jamie Johnson made a getaway closely followed by Monty, Boyd Snr  and Colin Hitch . Tim Foxlow was out on the outside of the reds winding up the cross flow engine car known as the “Pinto Spanker” and doing a good job of passing them . It wasn’t long before he was round Paul Bowring and past Roger Wright , obviously on a charge to break down Donald’s points lead while he was off the scene on his air dryer.

It was Johnson that kept a tight line though to take the first win of the night with Monty second and Boyd 3rd.

Has Johnson had won heat one he would have to start further back leaving Monty and Boyd down the front as to say.

These two set off at a good pace with Johnson in pursuit and Jamie Bowring who had got past Hitch . However Monty spun out has his engine blew on turn one . The race receivers must work well as only a few clipped him but no one hit him. By this time Boyd was away with the win letting second and third find their spots which with Johnson dropping backwards at a fair rate let Bowring and Hitch in those shoes.

Boyd and Johnson led away the final with Monty obviously on the terraces watching and Boyd soon had the A 40 wound up . It wasn’t long before Hitch had got past Johnson and was on a mission chasing the back end of the A40 like a greyhound after a rabbit. Hitch made a challenge for the outside line and the a40 could no longer hold off the mk2 of Hitch who was coming out of turn four sideways with power.

Newcomer to the classics Addy in 999 lost the rear end out of turn two and reversed to the infield while facing the traffic . The rest of the pack were bunched with very little movement. Foxlow and Dan Holden were having a ding dong over who was going to land fourth but it was Jamie Bowring who took third behind Boyd who could now only see the distant Brake lights of Hitch has he threw it in to the corners to take the chequered flag.

The next round moves to Northampton Primo Arena on May the fifth with Donald and Foxlow at the top , with only ten points between them.


Classic Hot Rods
Heat 1 271 Jamie Johnson 22 445 144 172 161 20 924 16 24
Heat 2 445 Graham Boyd 30 172 144 924 161 20 271 16 24
Final 172 Colin Hitch 445 Graham Boyd 30 Jamie Bowring 161 144 20 924 271 10 16


Andy Hankin

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