Hednesford 17 03 2013


Most of the country awoke to find that lovely white fluffy stuff on the ground and as we left Northampton is was starting to come down. Face book updates were telling us of drivers battling from the south and the east and most dual carriage ways down to one lane and some other racing called off. When you’ve got to go racing even the weather doesn’t matter.

However although it threatened us with a soaking the weather stayed fine all day and the racing even better.

Twenty one of the twenty two booked in turned out , Jamie Bowring unfortunately breaking down on the way. The ex- Lee Wood Anglia was in the pits but never made the track for some reason. Recently approved and tested drivers Kevin Addy and Gary Winterton both ready for their debut.

Motors TV were present filming with Tim Foxlow which will be released later in the year.

Heat one Lined up for their first race of the season at the Hednesford Raceway banked oval. Fil Gambone in the ex-Brentwood mk2 escort was off the mark from the front Pat Smith jnr was soon hot on his heels as the rest of the pack got stuck in. Paul Bowring leading the reds away but Foxlow soon got  “the pinto spanking” cross flow wound up chasing down the fore runners.

Stuart Donald who had started from blue was making progress but Foxlow was soon on his case , Gambone had given way to Smith . The charging duo unable to catch smith squeezed past Gambone to complete the result.

Heat two Gambone was much more on the pace and so was Donald as he squeezed past Smith and Stuart Wright in a fresh Anglia arisen from the ashes of the old faithful which suffered that much damage last year only a percentage of spares were salvaged for the new beast. The race came to a stand still has Winterton locked up into turn one meeting harshly with the Armco. Gambone seemed to have a mechanical problem and pulled out to check it but as per the rules wasn’t allowed to restart . Leaving Donald to race away over the remaining three laps to victory.

The final was all revving and dancing , Gambone was away but was chased down by Wright with Smith and Donald in pursuit . Early casualties were Dean Hunt , Dan Holden And Monty who was loosing water.

Wright took up the lead and Donald was on his case which made for some fantastic close racing , Foxlow was chasing through the traffic. Gambone went wide in turn three and the pack bunching up left Smith punting Addy wide with Gambone lifting the back end of Addy in the process . Race stoppage left the front close but Donald went on to victory despite a good attack off Wright with Foxlow making it into third in the closing laps.

A excellent days racing but not without damage and the introduction of the race receivers for the drivers proving useful in these instances.

The next meeting takes us to the second City Raceway at Birmingham wheels , see you there.


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