Eleven drivers attended the opening meeting of the season in London. All drivers who had booked had honoured their booking. A bigger field would have been appreciated on this clear dry spring night in the capital, but what was missing in quantity was more offset by the excellent quality of the cars present and the showmanship and high driving standards of the drivers.

The first heat for the CHR’s had eleven carson track and after two warm up laps it was John Hendy who led them away. Just before the half way stage he had built up a length of a straight lead but with Andy Steward up to second and the 196 car sounding sick that lead vanished very rapidly and with six to go John pulled the 196 car onto the centre green. Tim Foxlow has matched Steward for the first few laps but had more problems getting through the field and although Tim went well for second place at the finish, he was never able to challenge. Behind Tim was Daz Owen who also came through well for third place after a good battle with John Bowring’s Anglia.

RESULT 198,144,8,101,121,445,20,72,271,166.

Heat two for the CHR’s was slightly delayed after the Historic Stock Cars had had a very bruising race which left the fence needing some TLC. Dave Fry was a nonstarter in this race which like the first was led away by John Hendy who had to give way to Andy Steward as they started lap 13. Hendy however was still going well and finished a clear second. Behind those two the battle in the early stages was between Charlie Schembri, John Bowring and Graham Boyd. That battle was in the process of being passed by the fast moving pair of Daz Owen and Tim Foxlow but Foxlow went out with what looked like engine problems. Owen went on to take third with Schembri in fourth.

RESULT 198,196,8,121,72,101,445,271,166

The London Championship for the CHR’s was won by Andy Steward after he took the lead on lap seven. The real battle of the race was between Schembri, Boyd and Owen with Goodswen trying to join in for much of the race. The meeting steward decided that Schembri got a little too close to Hendy in 196 and after crossing the line in second was dropped to fourth which left Boyd in second and Owen third. Hendy had led the early laps but retired at the midway stage.

RESULT 198,445,8,121,72,101


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