Late Summer Classic Hednesford 27 08 2018-2018

Late Summer Classic Hednesford Hills

Bank Holiday Monday and so much choice of things to do , who named them Bank Holidays anyway ? The banks probably make more by being shut ,plus nearly everyone uses the plastic in varying forms now anyway .
Like I said to one or two of the drivers , plan in advance ! Go to b & Q with the wife on the Wednesday before and whilst buying the DIY kit grab a bag of plaster . Then on the Monday morning get up and say oh ! I need to take that plaster to the raceway in case they run out . It’s used for oil spillages and they might not be able to get any today . Well it might work , who knows ?
Anyway enough of the twisted humour and onto the racing . 18 cars were book into race , Trevor Harris however didn’t manage to finish the car in time. Never the less 98 Nigel Murphy was a late entry so 1 down and 1 back up .
The weather a bit up and down all over the country , when I left Northamptonshire it was raining . Staffordshire was a bit brighter but with lurking clouds on the horizon , would we get a dry days racing?
Heat on lined ready to go , 22 Shane Taylor electing to run from the back to see how the car handles after that heavy crash last time out here at the English open.
It was 31 Gooding in the Avenger and 35 Dave Cushion in the yellow Angle box that led the field away , 922 Graham Legge the newcomer from Oxfordshire not making the grid after installation laps due to a miss-fire .
Gooding managing to edge into turn 1 before Cushion made good progress at the front in the opening half . 35 Cushion dropped back and 151 Paul Hollis now running from the front of the grid having done his 3 meetings at the rear moved to position number two.
20 Dave Fry and 116 Adrian Taber in the mk2 escort moved on up past the car of Hollis but coming through behind them at a great rate was 58 Alex Wilson in the chuvett now power by ztec ford . The car had shown great promise at Ipswich and was finding places north of the border on the Scots man own turf .
Gooding was holding on to a tight line as 58 Wilson and 55 Gavin Taber arrived to join the party , Fry and 116 Taber dropped back Wilson went to the high side of the banked track and hit the front.
He was pressured all the way to the flag by 210 Hughie and 555 Gavalar but they could not budge the chuvitt , first win of the day to Scotland.

Results 58 Alec Wilson , 210 ,555 ,45 ,116 ,72 ,31, 20 ,35 ,98 ,84 ,22 .109.

Heat two very much the same format line up ,2 installation laps but this time 35 Dave cushion made sure his yellow Anglia was away first and stepped up a lead within a couple of laps. 20 Dave Fry gave chase in the ford 100e has 210 Hughie Weaver found full chat on the old girl making a move up the inside of fry to go up to second.
Heat one winner Wilson 58 , was in trouble the car began to slow and rattle has he limped to the infield.
By this time the music man 210 Weaver was in fine tune and flying into the lead. 151 Paul Hollis in the Anglia was leaving smoke signals around the west bend and a little substance down on the track , its been a hard year on engines in this fine retro formula.
Further back the eastern train had formed of 555, 45 and 72 but their charge was a little to late has the flag dropped on the 210 of the music man. The three amigo’s still battled to the line with the A40 sneaking ahead of 72 and 555.

Results 210 , 20 ,45 ,72 ,555 ,35 ,121 ,116, 236 , 31 , 98 ,22 ,257

Final time for the classics and the late summer classic trophy , 922 Graham Legge making back out on track after a bit of fettling in the engine bay.
A few retirements then no Avenger for the final and the Scottish boys had departed home bound .
This left 35 Dave Cushion all alone at the front made early progress from the clutch start before handing over to 20 Dave Fry . It wasn’t long before the rest of the field began to change places with Rhino 236 looking promising ahead of 210 Weaver . Gavin Taber 555 was on it in the Anglia , having spent best part of the week pulling the side out and recovering from a big hit the week before.
A five way battle was warming up for the lead between 20,210,45,236 and 555 . Weaver went inside of Fry to take the lead on turn one only to get out of shape later on the same turn , Taber took up the lead has the five way battle dropped back to second place with 72 Goodswen joining the party.
Leaving Gavin Taber 555 in position one for most of the remaining laps . 45 Craig Boyd was squeezing has much he could on the outside and inside to try and get through to the lead , with a big lunge down the inside on turn three he was through and went onto take the win . With Taber still a close second and Weaver in third.

Result 45 Craig Boyd , 555 Gavin Taber , 210 Hughie Weaver ,72, 236 , 922 ,22 , 109 , 35 , 257.

An impressive drive from 922 Legge picking up sixth from the back of the grid. One more rear start and he will surely make a few podiums from the front.

Report Andy Hankin , results Jason Larner , videos Jaeden Larner .

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