Joan Purdie Memorial / classics scottish rd 4-4


The turnouts north of the border are getting into regular bookings of double figures. With one or two prepared to travel the distance not only for the racing but to enjoy the company of friends , a group meal and lots of banter.
This meeting the Joan Purdie memorial trophy sponsored by Kenny Purdie.
Local support for the racing in Scotland is strong with regular fans turning out to support the classic hot rods.
Heat one ,time to put those classic hot rods around the racewall and wag their tails on the corners.
Led away by the black mk one Escort of 63 John Watkins, the flag dropped it wasn’t long before 116 Adrian (Mc) Taber was on the heels of the lead car with 871 Callender in hot pursuit (now using his mk1 having sold the mk2). Taber went through to the lead and within ½ lap 871 Powered by just dancing the tail end out . 84 Jock McFastlane was still having teething problems with his new car and from yellow grade as well , he dropped down the field has the Pinto’s , zetec’s and the king of cross-flows 17 Purdie drove on by.
Just over half way and 871 Grahame Callender’s engine let go as the 5 car train of 555 Gavin Taber ,17 Purdie ,232 Sneddon , 162 Chesher and 26 Jock Campbell came by . Lucky for them there was no oil down on the corner and the 5 car train was safe , the angle box of 555 Taber being love tapped by 17 Purdie who was keen to get by . This is classic hot rods at their finest lap after lap a five car train to the flag with 555 Gavin Taber taking the win.
Heat two the lower grades away first or just about , the reds on full chat behind them has the steamed past within the next lap 555 Gavin just catching 116 Adrian’s rear quarter a little (come on dad get a move on !). It was 162 Keith Chesher that got the main advantage at the drop of the green though and was soon to hit the front of the field. Jock Campbell 26 was brushing his open passenger door off the wall lap by lap , Purdie 17 had found his way past Taber 555 . This was a whole different game to that of heat one. The Purdie , Taber and Sneddon train went around 84 Mc Fatslane , Taber dived down the inside of Purdie but it wasn’t enough the door was soon closed. 162 Chester was now well away and took victory for heat two.
Final Time and the Joan Purdie Memorial race , a lot of powder down on the track as the previous race someone’s engine let go . So a few extra installation laps to bed the dust I and the cars realign ready for the off.
The lower grades get away well 4 laps in and 116 Taber has the lead but the quicker 162 Chesher goes for a clean inside pass and takes over, further back Kenny 17 is slow off the mark . Midfield battles are going on with 26 Campbell and 55 Taber , not even half way and this race is warming up.
Just over half the distance gone 162 Chesher is maintaining the lead , 26 Campbell has broke loose then comes 555, 232 and 17 in a train . Matt McPherson is further down but doesn’t seem to be having a good night all round.
Purdie 17 takes to the outside line gets around Sneddon an then carves a way through the angle box go Taber but has he left the charge too late?
Sneddon 232 has been chipping away at the angle box of 555 Taber for 3 or 4 laps catching the rear here and there but it all goes Pete tong has Taber 555 gets spun out down on turn 1 by Sneddon Watson takes on damage has the 555 car hits him sideways , its a doorpost for Taber all 3 are retired from the race.The race is brought to a stand still on caution while they check the drivers and clear the track.
The field a little depleted carry on to the flag 162 Chesher crosses the line only to be disqualified on a technical issue , promoting 26 Jock Campbell to winner , 17 Purdie 2nd 116 Adrian Taber 3rd.
26 Jock Campbell is the Joan Purdie memorial race winner for 2018.

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