The second day of the weekender at Tullyroan Oval saw 14 Classic Hot Rods return, and after the bruising encounter the previous evening for the Irish Open Championship this was as good as could be expected. 976 Clive Richardson had reverted back to his other Mk2 Escort whilst 45 Craig Boyd had an overnight engine change.
The first heat saw a yellow flag when 871 Graeme Callender found himself stranded across the racing line. There was no stopping 976 Richardson as he won by a distance with the real battle being for second with 99 Liam Bushe fending off 210 Hughie Weaver and, well, the rest. The weekend had been dry and sunny throughout, defying several weather forecasts but a rogue shower came along just as the cars had lined up for heat two. With them all on slicks it was very slippery going and some mastered it more than others. The one that did it the best, with the nimble A40 and experience well beyond his years was 236 Ryan Polley.
The Jim Purdie Memorial Trophy Final was back on a dry track and saw Richardson convert pole position into a large lead whilst again it was the big battle behind that drew all the attention with 555 Gavin Taber, 45 Boyd and 17 Kenny Purdie. Purdie took a wide swoop around the outside of both to get second, but unlike the Irish Open the previous day, the leader was too far away. And thus it was the local man Richardson who took the victory. Taber made third.


Report By Steve LInfield

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