Irish Classic Hot Rods are Back!

The classic hot rods over in Ireland finally got under way with Tullyroan holding its first race for them Sunday 16th June .

Drivers in attendance 19 Anthony Morgan (Irish points champion) , 976 Clive Richardson, 942 Davey McCall ,195 Adrian Boyle ,964 Paul Magee and 156 Gerry Rothwell in a fresh white un sign written Mk2; a big change there for Rothwell who had previously run the 100e and having taken 18 month’s out from racing.

Heat one Rothwell was first away and looked steady but the car seemed to have issues before retiring; handing over briefly to 195 Adrian Boyle who has also opted for the mk2 escort moving away from his ford Anglia ,976 Clive Richardson was next to take over at the front and went onto win from 942 DM and 19 AM in third.

Heat two and no show for Magee and Rothwell; Boyle led the field away putting in some great opening laps before being caught by 19 Morgan ; 976 Richardson slipped through as well . The race was very much on when 942 Davey joined the party. Richardson got the inside line out of turn two and opened up Morgan for the lead. Davey moved into second and despite trying had to settle for second.

Magee making it back out for the final starting from the rear; Boyle was first away and still leading has the lap boards came out , Morgan went to the outside for the pass; most of the twenty laps eyes were on 976 Richardson and 943 McCall , the blue flag in use but McCall only taking the chance three from home with a dive up the inside; Richardson punted deep into turn three and McCall slipping through . Final was taken by 19 Anthony Morgan with a good second for 195 Boyle , 942,976 and 964 to follow.

Well not a bad day in the office for classic hot rods, hopefully a few more will come back out on track for the next one.

Rod On.

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