Ipswich National championship report

National Championship Ipswich 7th July 2018.

Thanks to all our drivers that came down and across enduring that dreadful 40mph speed limit on the A14 , it was worth sitting on the dial in immense heat to watch some superb Classic hot rod racing.
Luckily for the drivers they had one of the most shaded areas of the layout in the pits with a fair breeze at times.
The track in the opening races of spedeweekend looked very dry and dusty , water carts were out doing the deed of dampening it down a little and the crowd at times . Yes I was caught by the hose pipe but I tell you now I didn’t even move , drenched a little but it was so refreshing . Soon drying out in the glorious sunshine. At stages I kept thinking I saw some Mexicans ! Or even pams people in tu-tu’s . Nah must have been heat stroke.
Almost a complete field of pre- booked drivers with the exception of no Andy Steward or Kara Boyd.
Andy I believe was helping out with team Haird in the National hot rods , with Chris on the march to possibly another world final win.
Kara Boyd had opted out having not favoured Ipswich receiving damage there over the years and possibly gone off to play golf with last years winner brother Craig. GOLF ! Me and you need words , it spoils a good walk .
Well the shaded pit area was soon filling up team Boyd/Polley had arrived , Rhino was on his way but the car was there and at 50-1 with bet Fred ..worth a chance of a plastic fiver.
Graham was taking onboard a steady supply of water , keeping himself hydrated for the day . A sensible move has it was going to get hotter through the day , lets hope he won’t need a p#ss stop.
Lee Wood was polishing the marviva , me wishing he would remove those front wings for a pair of original Vauxhall ones.
Gavin Taber 555 and Adrian116 in the newly acquired Sammy Mitchell mk2 Escort, fresh from Oxford with just a number change. The car came complete with spares , raceciever and overalls . A sign that we may not see Sammy back another time , although I did ask Adrian if he had to engulf large turn ups ; Sammy being much taller than him of course.
The very smartly painted Orange Mk2 of Clive Richardson 976 and 97 of Joel making the trip over to race . Alex Wilson 58 was last into the corner and then down the meadow in his own plot 17 #kingofcrossflows Kenny Purdie fresh from chasing the heels of that peeky blinder 8 Daz Owen ( who had opted out to go Drag racing ? Ah no hang on wear a dress and get drunk ).
Stuart Wright 924 with the Mk1 and a chat with Stu has always , something to do with lube and glasses ? Not quite sure where that was going . However having got the car running right although on a few seasons old tyres he may rob the rest of victory.
Dave York 27 was in the house , coach parked up for the weekend tacho out and race helmet on , the only tour he was looking at was a victory lap.
The Captain 19 Anthony Morgan and what a well presented car looking absolutely amazing , could he take that title across the little stretch of water .
#themusicman 210 Hughie weaver , has always the mk1 ready to go racing , a very quick driver around Ipswich.
Mam Ma Mia 121 Charlie Schrembri , that mk1 back in its glory , no snow has of yet today ! Could mean going home in one piece .
#silverfox the 100 e of 20 Dave Fry and his team had arrived , a bit of a quiet day at Hednesford for them but that could all change in the next few hours.
Better late than never I suppose , steady does it 271 Jamie Johnson . Former east Anglian champion on this very track , arriving in time for the drivers briefing.
The format for the day would be two heats from a Incarace draw , so the first grid drawn would be reversed for heat number 2. The points accrued and positions worked out for the championship race , with highest scores at the front.
Heat one came out onto the track in front of the crowds under the extreme heat and began to assemble . The draw put #thewrightstuff 924 Stuart Wright ( no stranger to Ipswich) along side 27 #theduke Dave York , 2nd row 210 #musicman Weaver and #thecaptain 19 Anthony Morgan , 58 Alec Wilson and 271 Jamie Johnson. A fair mix of drivers for the first set .
A couple of tyre warming laps and a rolling lap later the green flag was dropped and so opened up the carbs and let the horses run .
27 York was away into turn one as 924 Wright tried to fend off #thecaptain 19 Morgan who was finding great grip around the outside and moved up into second.
A handful of laps in out of turn four 19 Morgan began to slow with running issues dropping outside of turn one .#musicman 210 Weaver moved up into second applying pressure to the leader 27 York. 17 Purdie #kingofcrossflows was tucked in behind fellow Scot Alec Wilson and under pressure from 97 Joel Richardson in the Leslie Dallas replica ,has they went toe to heel around one and two.
Further back 57 #thewelshwizard Oliver was pushing on behind #thesilverfox 20 Dave Fry , just behind them 121 Schrembri and 72 #thenorfolkboy Goodswin were dancing the same tango.
Half the distance gone 27 #theduke York was still leading from 210 Weaver ,924 Wright with 97 Richardson on the outer panels and 58 Wilson close behind as 97 Richardson moved up to third 210 Weaver wound the mk1 up a little more , york out on the armco down the home straight brought her back in just has Weaver was on song . You spin me round baby like a record ! Yes there was contact , steward called it York cutting back in . Some said maybe Weaver could have thrown less coal on the boiler , who knows “if you ain’t rubbing , you ain’t racing “ .
Weaver slid into number one as Richardson came through for the exchange on the inside , both slowed and dropped out leaving a very patient 924 Wright in command. Weaver recovered into 6th and Richardson was further down on the outside. Wilson 58 now sitting in second in the chuvitt pushing on behind Wright.
17 Purdie was now being challenged by 976 Clive Richardson a previous winner around the Ipswich oval , moving on up was 555 Taber #vanman who was shaking the tail feathers of the anglebox moving up 4 places .
The chequered flag dropped on Wright 924 from a close Wilson 58 , 17 Purdie , 976 Richardson a recovered 210 #musicman. Wilson later disqualified and trailered over a discretion on tyre serial numbers.
Results heat 1 1st 924 Stuart Wright ,17 ,210 , 871, 976, 271, 121, 72, 57, 555

Heat number two , reverse format with 333 Lee Wood former national Champion at the front all alone , no wonder with them Marina wings sticking out like “ a ageing ladies Bingo Wings”.
42 Dean Kitchen and #Rhino Polley 236 behind him , poses for a interesting start !
Next pack head up by 555 Taber and 445 #thecowboy Boyd with 72 Goodswin and 116 Taber #alpacaman in tow on row two.
The flag dropped and away out of turn four the pace car just boxing 42 Kitchen in allowing 333 of Wood to arrive at turn one first.
976 Richardson was lucky enough to break loose of his pack has a big push mid field arrived into turn one 97 Richardson behind 57 Oliver , who with no where to go loaded into the rear arch of 121 Schrembri , Dave Fry arrived in style to join the party ( was there fluids on the track ? ) . Has Fry parked up 210 Weaver tested his boot lid to see if the 100e was strong ? Caged and stranded the 100e now looking like a A40 at the rear . Richardson found a way through , Schrembri scraped out into the pack. Oliver left on the turn with one leg 4 inches forward the other 8 inches back and out of the championship. Most destructed 57 , best hit 210 !
19 #thecaptain a lap later out on the same corner as 20 Fry limped in a bit covering himself and 57 Oliver.
333 #princeofpop Lee Woods was still out in front and catching the rear of the pack at a vast rate of knots. Johnson 271 and 27 York were towards the rear having a cracking battle of the mk1’s , whilst behind Woods the battle of the A40’s was on #Rhino v #Cowboy. Even in that it sounds like an American football game at which point England had just gone 2 -0 up on Sweden and prices of hot dogs at Ikea were about to rise!
924 Wright and 98 of Nigel Murphy had joined the party at the rear with 271 and 27 , as 333 of Woods could be viewed in all four rear mirrors . The pack was closing in Woods had to find a way through , the back markers warned of lead cars over the racecievers .
Running order has the union jack came out 333,235,445,72,555,871 and 976 , 2nd place down all nose to tail doing the conga around this fats oval raceway. 42 Dean Kitchen had gone out on the edge of turn four again with mechanical issues.
27 #duke Dave York managed to break free from 271,98 and 924 and pulled a 3 car gap. Woods 333 had now arrived behind them and so was the pack of hunting hounds all keen for points towards that championship grid. A train now of around 12 cars , Boyd 445 forced #rhino 236 to the outside , Woods had gone high and weaving in the back markers . 17 Kenny Purdie had joined the back of the train has the 2 laps remaining board was out .
The chequered drop on 333 Woods with 445 Boyd in second , not mush room further back for change .
Result 333 Lee Woods , 445 , 235 , 72 , 555, 871 , 976, 17, 25, 116 .

The grid then inside out was has drawn.
Inside 17, 72, 924 ; 555, 333, 121 ; 25, 116, 98 ; 19, 20 .
Outside 871, 445, 976 ; 236, 210, 271 ;27, 57, 97 ;42

non runners then 57 mike Oliver, 42 Kitchen . Loaded 58 Wilson.
Time for the main event The 2018 National Championship for Classic Hot Rods .
Two warm up laps and a clutch start , the stadium crowd poised on their favourites throughout the grid awaiting the green flag.
Quick off the mark was the zetec powered car of 871 Graeme Callender , followed by 17 #kingofcrossflows Purdie and the local favourite #norfolkboy 72 Goodswin , 445 #cowboy Boyd was riding the high-line on the outside .
It was right boot in arse end out all the way around 555 #vanman Taber was looking for a gap around 924 Wright , whilst further back 333 Woods was under attack from 210 #musicman Weaver.
871 Callender and 17 Purdie pulled away at the front , 976 Richardson in the fresh orange mk2 slid through on the inside of 72 Goodswin as 445 Boyd had a look up the same inside. Goodswin shut the door as Richardson went off in pursuit shutting down the gap of the lead two cars.
19 #thecaptain Morgan was trying to gain places from the rear battling away with 116 Adrian Taber . Back at the front 976 was on it trying to dislodge 17 Purdie from his tight line , Taber 555 was now up in the running behind 445 #cowboy.
Over half way it was still 871 Callender from 17 #kingofcrossflows , 976 Richardson , 72 Goodswin , 445 and 555. 210 #musicman was drumming a rare old tune out on 333 Lee Woods boot lid .
27 #theduke York went out on turn one , Wright 924 , 333 Woods and 210 Weaver closed in on 555 Taber and 445 Boyd. 97 Joel Richardson came around 210 weaver slotted that tight in behind 333 You could see the boot lid lift , this is close racing at its best ! Everything was getting rubbed ! Woods 333 went out down the back straight , game over for #theprinceofpop.
Next to drop was 976 of Richardson down on turns 3 to 4 looking like a puncture , putting 72 #norfolkboy up into 3rd in the closing stages.
The top three had closed in on the back markers of 116 Taber and 20 Fry , they went high side around coming across the star and finish line 17 Purdie divide for the inside 871 Callender out on the wires , 17 Purdie had hit the front . 72 Goodswin closed in on a last attempt challenge with less than 5 to go . Purdie wasn’t putting a foot wrong , the car known has “the spanker “ once owned by 144 Tim Foxlow and 66 Colin Hall was heading for victory once more !
If your going to steal the gold from the English bring a Purdie and open both barrels !
The flags dropped 17 #kingofcrossflows Kenny Purdie had won the National Championship of 2018.
On with the celebrations a Scottish 1 ,2 local man 72 Goodswin in 3rd . The victory lap taken to Scotland the brave !
Full result
1st 17 Kenny Purdie , 2nd 871 Graeme Callender , 3rd 72 Gary Goodswin.

Big thanks to char team for results and pics etc . Big thanks to Janet and Deane on a cracking weekend and all the staff that made it possible.

Report Andy Hankin chr , Pic MkPics.net

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