IPSWICH 08 09 2018-2018

Ipswich classic hot rods 8 9 2018

Two months after the last trip to Ipswich for the national championships the classic hot rods returned for a Saturday night meeting.
This time around 198 Andy Steward back in the saddle after his holiday’s and ready to race . Joined by Gary Goodswen 72 and 555 Gavin Taber , the points chasers were ready to get on it around the oval.
A change of steed for the Italian Stallion 121 Charlie Schembi , he piloted his Ford angle box of which is still up for sale on the button ready to go.
A trip across middle earth from Oxfordshire for a last race from the back for 922 Graham Legge , in the ex 27 Dave York mk1 which raced here in the National.
More good news has 421 Chris Aldridge joins us at classic hot rods in the ex Graham Callender mk2 zetec powered , making a move over from lightning rods.
Heat one out on track then two new starters to the rear 116 Adrian Taber and 271 Jamie Johnson to lead them away . Legge 922 pulling out before the flag dropped and rejoining around lap 4 has 421 went down and 271 Johnson spun out on turn 4 . 116 Taber with the lead a hard chasing 236 Rhino Polley and 121 Schemrbi on it in the angle box. A few more laps in and 121 out of shape drops back has the 198 Donut starts to move up the field .
Rhino 236 now riding on Taber’s off side arches try hard to take the lead, 198 donut drops out and retires to the infield . The pack has closed on Polley and Taber with under 5 laps to go 555 Taber closes in behind the MK2 of his father , Polley on the outside forced to drop back ; it’s a Taber 1 ,2 on the line.
Result 116 Adrian Taber ,555, 236, 72 , 445 ,121, 922 , 271.

heat two gets underway with 271 Johnson taking to the front and 236 Rhino running shotgun , the pack closes in and we are in for one hell of a race . 198 donut on the outside line , Polley not far ahead and there’s a shuffle on turn one 555 Taber and 72 Goodswen move up the field . 555 Taber forces down the inside of 116 (yes dad) move over this is racing at its best 555 up into 2nd place chasing jay jay 271.
72 Goodswen moves on 555 Taber , he is trying to rub the 72 love heart of the back fin I drew on there LOL. Taber takes to the outside has 198 donut falls in line behind Goodswen , threes only one way around that high an fly for the anglebox of Taber has he throws her down into turn 3 and a cat length longer than 271 Johnson to take the lead.
Goodswen and 198 Donut follow the same way a few laps later and chase after 555 Taber but the flag is down win to 555.
Jamie Johnson 271 still fending the rest of the filed to the end his mk1 escort has had its rear end rubbed more than a trophy girl !
Result 555 Gavin Taber , 72 ,198 , 121 ,445 ,271 ,922 ,421 , 116, 236

Final time and both heats taken by team Taber who start at the rear of their grades for this one , who will take the win?
Its a clutch start and 271 Johnson first away with Rhino in tow , its a steady procession has the tyres get warmer . 421 Aldridge from the rear is giving our superstar 72 Gary a run for his money both behind heat two winner 555 Taber.
271 Johnson makes a mistake the Rhino 236 bunts his way through , young blood is at the front ! Johnson drops down the field . 445 Graham Boyd is having a good old battle further back with 198 Steward . Rhino goes on turn three something mechanical , its 116 Taber heat one winner at the helm with just under half way to go.
The lap boards are out , the straight rail gearboxes are screaming ! 121 Schembri is on Taber’s case trying the high line for the lead . Schembri gets the lead , Taber now under the kosh from the pack drops back . 121 Schembri takes the flag and the price of the Anglia is now a good one the car has just won a final !

Result 121 Charlie Schembri , 198 Andy Steward , 445 Graham Boyd ,555, 72 ,116 ,922 , 421 , 271.

A cracking nights racing well done guys .
Report Andy Hankin , videos Jaeden Larner , pictures and results Jason Larner.

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