Invasion 2019-2019

The Scottish championship takes place this weekend at Lochgelly on Saturday with more racing on Sunday for the Malcolm Chesher Memorial trophy.

The Scots will be invaded from all sides , current champion 198 Andy Steward is out of action following an operation on his back.

On the attack for England will be current British points champion Gavin Taber 555 in his Angle box , 116 Adrian Taber (choice of 2 cars) , Stuart Wright 24 in the revamped mk1, 421 Chris (new paint ) Aldridge, Dan Buckley 119 ( ex foxlow mk2) and a favourite for the win 45 Craig Boyd.

Invasion from the Emerald isle will be headed up by the best in Britain winner 976 Clive Richardson along with 25 Trevor Cossack .

Defending the pride of Scotland Will be Matt McPherson , Jock Campbell, Alex Wilson and Keith Chesher.

It will be a fine battle with the locals having more track time at the Loch , over the last twelve months .

There maybe a few late bookings but good luck to all.

Rod on

Andy H.

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