Hednesford Preview

The week ahead will give us more perspective on the numbers expected for the Bill Morris Memorial Meeting on Sunday the 24th .

The English Championship will attract drivers from all four corners of the UK.

The current champion at present 555 Gavin Taber #vanman is without a engine for his car . The engine has been away for rebuild for a couple of months , will he run Adrian Taber’s car has he did on the Mildenhall shale?

Previous winner 8 Darren Owen #deadlydaz has rebuilt his car this season , he has also raced in the slick cars on the Hednesford asphalt where he was on pace with the national hot rod spec cars.

Dean Kitchen #thecleaner and Stuart Wright appeared in the slick car at the last Hednesford I factor , Stuart using his fathers mk1 Escort having parted with the trusty old Anglia.

The Scottish contingent will feature 12 Trevor Harris , Graeme Callender and 17 Kenny Purdie , Purdie has done some extensive work on the car could the win go North ?

From the Emerald Isle we expect to see at least a couple of visitors but will know confirmation on who they will be later in the week.

Wales will be represented by Mike Oliver #thewelshwizard number 57 , he hasn’t had much luck at Hednesford over the years with a couple of heavy crashes and seized differentials while racing . Can his luck change and will the ford powered Sunbeam Talbot take him to victory lane ?

#thecowboy 445 Graham Boyd will make the grid , the change of colour on the A40 makes the green tank look much better in grey . Craig Boyd 45 who is challenging at the top of the points with 196 #donut Andy Steward will both certainly be up for the challenge.

#themusicman 210 Hughie Weaver will be in with a good chance around the big oval at Hednesford , the mk1 always looks outstanding and performs spot on.

#pockectrocket Andrew Willis will be there in the super fast Austin A30 , that’s if he has stopped on his latest project of a classic HGV . No doubt the car will be ready though the Birmingham based driver has took a few wins before this could be his year.

Team 333 should make an appearance the fastest Viva in the east will be no doubt polished tuned and gaffer tape to hand ready for repairs.

Two heats will determine the grid based on points scoring for the clutch start 25 laps race. This championship always produces some of the closest racing in the class of classic hot rod racing where retro comes alive and once again we relive the sound and sights of yesteryear .

I myself will be in the commentary box for this one.

 Escort back to basic bangers and the annual Veteran banger meeting also feature . It’s going to be a big one ! There will be a ford escort and R.S. Owners club display .

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