Hednesford 20 10 2018-2018

Hednesford 20th October classic hot rods Autumn Rumble

A good turnout of cars for this Autumn rumble with a newcomer to the scene , Andy Lee 209 in the ex Clive Richardson ( orange ) Mk2 now in Andy’s livery. A debut of a new car for 247 Graham McCabe , a mk2 x pack car with rear spoiler which right or wrong had to be removed at scrutineers discretion .
Graham chose to start from the rear with 209 Andy lee and 421 Chris Aldridge for the afternoon in order to run the car in.
A good invasion by Scotland with Mc Cabe bringing along 84 Mc Fastlane , 58 Wilson and 871 Callender for the convoy .
Anthony Morgan 19 visiting form Ireland , their newly crowned points champion.
Northampton the night before had been dry for the evening however the clouds had opened overnight . My trip from Kettering up was water bound all the way, so much my arms were aching by the time I got there from holding on to the car in the wash of the M6.
Four formula meetings are the way to be at Hednesford whatever the weather , joining us were the National hot rods , Oval track legends and back to basic bangers .
Heat one lined up ready for a few installation laps on the wet oval , a pond on the inner of turn four turn out was ideal for any passing ducks.
Dave Cushion led the field away with 236 Rhino a little further back running from yellow grade, along with 116 Adrian Taber and 257 Willis in the A35 ( more like a yellow submarine in this weather).
A Scottish Front row from blues with 84 Mc Farlane and 871 Callender, red grades with 210 #themusicman and 58 Alex Wilson. The points chasers from silver grade 72 Goodswen and 555 Taber ( current points leader ) on the outside line.

35 Cushion the early leader was passed by 922 Legge around lap 4 with 871 Callendar on the same line , Callender hit the front and drove away from the field of cars.
555 Taber had broke loose from the outside of Goodswen and mid field , Goodswen was under pressure from 209 Andy Lee who got past and was making good progress until running into problems with 5 to go.
871 Callender continued pulling away from the pack to take the first heat in fine style.
Results 871 Graeme Callendar , 121, 198 ,58, 555 ,210 ,72 ,19 ,922 ,116

Heat two lined up on a slightly drier track with 922 Legge missing from the field , due to issues with the car that caused him to drop back in heat 1 .
Mc Far lane also missing due to electrics failure on car , apparently they got a tad warm , this with 871 Callender at the rear of the blues following the win.
35 Cushion was first away before handing over to 121 Schembri ,only to be passed on the inside line by the charging Scot 871 Callender .210 Hughie was on song in the mk1 as the music man closed in on the pair.
555 Taber fended of the Norfolk boy 72 Goodswen over 20 laps to stay 1 ahead as 871 Callender closed heat 2 with a second win.

Result 871 Graeme Callender , 121,210 , 198 ,58 , 555 , 72 ,19 ,116 .236.
Final time the track much better than the start of the day , all to play for at the back in this penultimate points meeting . The points championship for the English points being down to the wire for the Best in Britain Championship at Hednesford in November.
Cushion from white took the gig away for the third time of the day , 922 Legge was on a march having spent his first three outings at the rear . Legge hit the front and looked steady around the banked oval , 236 Rhino and 116 Taber managed to reach the leader and Polley began to give him a hard time.
Nine laps gone and Callender the double heat winner retires to the centre , running order still 922 ,236 116 . Goodswen is two positions up on 555 Taber having forced through on 198 Doughnut and 210 Hughie.
236 Polley goes for the high side of 922 Legge but gets rubbed a little before dropping back , 116 Taber goes up to second and amidst 922 Legge gets his foot down.
The visiting Irish point champion 19 Anthony Morgan gets on full chat has the throttle sticks and goes straight on in turn three and Carl Checkley ( blast from the past ) looks on saying I did that same thing.
A rolling continuation and 922 Legge pulls away from the front once more to take the flag , his first victory in classic hot rods and more to come no doubt.
Result 922 Graham Legge , 116 Adrian Taber , 72 Gary Goodswen ,198 ,555 ,210 ,121 ,236 , 58 ,421.
next time out will be in Scotland for the cock of the North trophy , check website etc for drivers list.


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