Great Yarmouth 29th July 2018-2018


Seaside Special Gt Yarmouth 29 th July 2018

Eleven drivers in total made it across to the East Coast raceway , two of which had travelled through the night from Cowdenbeath in Scotland .
The meeting intended to celebrate the local sponsored driver of 72 Gary Goodswen , who has driven some cracking races so far in his Classic hot rod Career.
Not often do we see the classic hot rods at Great Yarmouth , any drivers don’t like the cable and post fence set up . The race surface although at times a little sandy is a very smooth tarmac and pace is always good around the Yarmouth track.
333 Lee Wood fell short of the cables a few years back but on this occasion had comeback for more . Joining Gary and Lee were 198 Andy #donut Steward , 116 Adrian Taber, 12 Trevor Harris , 555 Gavin Taber , 121 Charlie Schrembri , 271 Jamie #jayjay Johnson , 98 Nigel Murphy ,151Paul Hollis and 210 #musicman Hughie weaver.
The agreed format was a drawn grid , reversed for heat 2 and points positions for the final.
The battle from seaside 1 down at Arlington was set to continue has 555 Taber set off at the front chased down by 72 Goodswen , 333 #divainaviva Wood gave chase before being sugar coated by the front of #Donut in his rear view mirror .
#Donut 198 moved up the field to split the dynamic duo apart and help reshape the boot panel of the 555 car in pursuit , rubbing is racing folks and this fast paced formula rubs along fine.
Taber took first blood at the flag adding another win to his total .

Result ht 1 555,198,72,333, 271 , 121 .116 , 98 , 12 ,151

Heat 2 reverse grid time no 210 Weaver . For some mid point was a good place to be , early doors 121 Schrembri with the lead . By lap 4 198 #donut had moved up into position number one and it was up to the others to gain pace. 333 Wood dropped out along with 151 of Hollis.
Needless to say 198 took the win from 72 Goodswen and a fair drive by 121 Schrembri.

Result ht 2 198, 72 , 121 ,271 ,555 , 98 , 116

Final time and the current top three drivers all at the front for the seaside parade and a charge to the chip shop , no I mean finish. No 333 , 210 or 12 for this one .
198 #donut away from the front and in control of the whole pack , 72 Goodswen in hot pursuit plus the anglebox of 555 Taber. Pretty much that all the way through to the flag and a heat and final win for 198 Andy Steward.

Result 198 Andy Steward , 72 Goodswen , 555 Taber , 121, 271 , 98 , 116 , 151

Report Andy Hankin form video by Jaeden Larner , Pics Jason Larner.

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