Tim Foxlow

Tim was introduced to racing by Bill Morris who was one of his heros at the time alongside Ormond Christie.


Tim’s first ride was a super rod purchased from 44 David Oates , Money was tight and with the stroke of a brush ! The legend of 144 was born!

Tim has ventured into bangers , national hot rods and saloon stox now he has returned to the raceway after 19 years off to enjoy the classic hot rod formula.

The car is the ex 166 Colin White car with its original x flow engine. Which has undergone a rebuild during the winter of 2012/13.


Tims race days of the past produced the following success.


2 times National Super Rod Champion,
English Super Rod Champion,
Runner up many times on Super Rod World,
Northern and Midlands SR Champion,
3 times national points Champion,
2nd in British SR Championship at Ipswich,
2nd on ESRA championship,
3rd in comeback season in Classic Hot Rod points.

The race he remebers the most was the super rod world final at Hednesfor Hills Raceway when after sixty laps he finished six inches behind “Tiger” Bill Smith.

He continues to win races and is a member of the 1/32nd classic hot rods where he competes on a smaller scale.

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