After racing an assortment of race bikes for several years and crashing more then he can remember, Lee decided it was better to race on four wheels and first saw the Classic hot rods race at Skegness in 2005 he was hooked straight away, the following season he was racing a black and gold Anglia. A steep first year learning curve pitched him against greats such as, Lee/Polley/Bland, and other fantastic drivers who returned in replica hot rods they raced in the 70′s. This was followed by a Mk2 Escort and nowadays a Gerry Marshall replica saloon car Vauxhall Viva.

he also race a black and gold 206cc national hot rod, but the attraction, smell and nostalgia brings him back to the Classic hot rod series for another year. The formula attracts and has attracted some amazing drivers from the past and present and he added that it has been a real privilege to drive with some of the greats from hot rod racing. The cars are the stars and with the continued support from fans, drivers and photographers combined with the magazine features for 2011 is certainly a formula to be in!

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