Dean originally got involved with short circuit oval racing through his father. In the early to mid nineties, Hunt Senior raced the 1600 Hot Rod Even when his dad hung up his helmet, the family never stopped going to watch.

But when the Classic Hot Rod formula was introduced, that really inspired Dean to get trackside for himself. He has always been keen on the classic car look, particularly liking Escorts and Anglias.

Dean had never raced any previous formula but in 2009 he took to the tracks for the first time in a beautifully prepared Anglia. His first season was a learning curve, but clearly he learned fast as in 2010 Dean came away with becoming Points Champion!

Dean’s always been an Anglia Man on the Classic Hot Rod scene. He has built a MkII Escort which he intended to race, but ended up selling it to Dave Owen #88. Dean believes the Escort to be the quintessential Hot Rod, but the Ford Anglia has always appealed to Dean more, loving the style of its rakish looks.

Dean believes the car of choice on the Classic Hot Rod scene is really down to personal preference. Whether a driver chooses Escort or Anglia, Viva, or even A40, Mini or Imp….its all down to driver choice, mating these classic looks with a 1700 Crossflow engine or 2 litre Pinto.

As far as preference for race circuits is concerned, Dean has only raced there once, but he loves Buxton! He feels that because the straights are so long and the bends so tight that its a real drivers track.

It’s of little surprise to learn that Dean’s favourite race came at Buxton in 2010 for the Midlands Championship. He remembers having a fantastic battle with #8 Daz Owen and #924 Stuart Wright and managed to finally get the better of them – employing some extremely late braking manoeuvres – to come home second in the Championship race.

After a brief- and rather problem fraught – foray into the 2 litre Hot Rod Series, Dean has made his return for 2013 into the race car class that’s clearly dearest to his heart – Classic Hot Rods. He really feels that the formula will make great strides this year and Dean is really looking forward to being part of its success.

wp6bbdc5cb_05_06The car is essentially as it was when he stored it away at the end of the 2010 season, but looking at the Anglia on the opening race night of the 2013 season at Wimbledon on 17th February, he had clearly done a great job in preparing the car again as it looked immaculate.


At the end of the night’s racing the car did show a few unfortunate battle scars, but this will certainly be repaired. The #39 car shows the high standard of preparation and presentation which is typical to the Classic Hot Rod scene.

We wish Deane well for 2013.

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