wpdb3edf68_05_06What can be said , most thought the banger   driver history of this driver may cause a stir!                    But few also may have had the pleasure of seeing Darren out in a lightning rod . Darren was racing bangers at a early age with quite some success and soon became known has Deadly Daz for his hard hitting on the oval. Like most older banger drivers Daz as chosen a easier seat to race in, although he still attends a few big banger meetings each year.

Getting to grips saw Darren take the classic points title in 2009 and many wins in his more famous orange and white mk1 escort..

Darren’s commitment to the sport is second to none in 2012 he built the George Polley Anglia and helped other drivers by supplying cars. He even found time to build a  national hot rod and race that to..

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