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Driver review 2018 Dean Kitchen 42

Having already taken a maiden win in the sport Dean has yet to dig in and make his mark in classic hot rods stand out, he was hit by bad luck in 2017 with some engine issues and once again engine troubles in 2018.
The car looked as perfect as could be when testing amongst the slick cars at one of Hednesford first I factor series this year .
Dean ran from the back with fellow classic driver 924 Stuart Wright , both cars there testing ready for the big meetings to come within the following months racing.
The car had been much improved with a wider rear axle being fitted and adjustments to running gear since 2017.
The car is the ex 599 Brantwood Anglia which was built with out any short cuts but sported a crossflow engine , it then went north to the Gambone stables . There it was raced by 03 Brian Starr and 244 Fil gambone himself , it was believed the car travelled south again afterwards . Dean purchased it without running gear and opted for a Pinto which meant engine bay and gearbox tunnel alterations.
Unfortunately at the National Championship , part of the Ipswich spedeweekend Dean’s engine let go . This rendered the “Bromley Bomber “ out of the racing for the rest of 2018.
Dean is running a 2 lt overhead cam pinto style engine , these are still expensive to maintain has opposed to the Ford Zetec engine.
I have had several chats with Dean over facebook , he is a purist of the classic look and sound . The Pinto is a must to be in the car for him !
He has said that he will return in 2019 ready to race we wish him all the best for the forth coming season.

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