Cowdenbeath July 28th 2018-2018

Cowdenbeath Racewall 28th July 2018

Scottish Championship Rd 3

The turnouts for Scottish rounds are rising in numbers over the last year , this due to the commitment of the drivers who have sold cars on and built fresh.
John McFarlane is one of those drivers and the new 84 car has made its debut , in fine livery and looking 100% a classic.
10 cars made it to the raceway for a Saturday evening of high octane and rear tail swinging.
The new national champion 17 Kenny Purdie was in attendance with new roof colours. Join in as well were 116 Adrian Taber, 58 Alex Wilson, 232 Brett Sneddon ,162 Keith chesher,12 Trevor Harris, 871 Graeme Callender, 523 Matt McPherson and 756 Marc Spence.
All cars made the first heat with McFarlane running from the rear on grounds of a fresh car. Adrian Taber 116 was first away with Spence and Harris In tow , 871 Callender was all over 17 of Purdie for a few laps before hitting the wall out of the turn and pulling up.
The lead changed has 58 of Wilson wound up the Chuvitt ( now running a ztec) , 162 Chesher was in chase . Purdie pulled up just inside of 5 to go , 232 Sneddon closed on the pair has the flag dropped.
Mcfarlane kept it straight but a few teething issues with the new steed was the issue on pace.
Result Ht 1 58 Alex Wilson ,162 ,232,116,12,84

Heat 2 756 Marc Spence first away this time in the Talbot but soon had Wilson on his tail . Spence dropped on turn 1 has the chuvitt / escort train of Wilson and Chesher shunted on by.
17 Purdie was a bit more on pace although under the kosh at times from 232 of Sneddon .
Whilst 116 Taber and 12 Harris decided to have a battle of their own has 58 Wilson charged to the flag for a second win from Chesher in 162.

Result Ht 2 58 Alex Wilson , 162 ,17 ,232 ,12 , 116 , 523 , 84

Final time up next could Wilson take a hat trick in the Chuvitt ? Rob Montagner 22 has done the job a few years ago south of the Border .
Well no Wilson for the final would put pay to the hat trick , seven cars lined up on what was now a wet track . Yes the good lord had decided that Cowdenbeath needed watering , the heavens had opened after weeks of blazing sunshine and immense heat.
Trevor Harris 12 was first away along with Taber 116 , 17 Purdie made his move from the back displaying why crossflows are better in the wet. Harris spun out of turn 4 has Purdie took up the lead and onward to yet another fine victory. One or two were a bit tail happy with the now wet surface and loss of some grip combine with power and traction. A good evenings racing though a fair attendance has the Scottish Classic Scene begins to grow.

Final Result 17 Kenny Purdie, 523 Matt McPherson , 116 Adrian Taber ,162 ,232 ,756.

Report by Andy Hankin , pics Craig Duncan.

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