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Classic Hot Rods we’re delighted to once again be part of the annual Legends Day celebrations that are held annually in Scotland. It’s a well organised event were the great and the good of all things on the Scottish oval racing scene congregate to not only meet up and reminisce about old times. Oh no, the old boys jump in race cars again and do some racing!

The legends of Scottish racing, where they originally raced hot rods of stock cars in their younger years donned their helmets and overalls once again to indulge, competing in teams in racing MOT failure production super mini’s painted up in their old colour schemes. And boy did they enjoy it!

Interspersed with these wee fun races were demonstration events put on by three superstox and of course by the embryonic core of Scottish drivers who will in 2017, commence in the inaugural series of the Scottish National Classic Hot Rod Series!

As we declared earlier this season, we at Classic Hot Rods were delighted to announce that after a number of behind the scenes discussions, Spedeworth, HRP and GMP had agreed to support the CHR’s launch north of the border, thus matching the successful commencement of the coolest cars on the ovals in the North and the South of Ireland.

Between April and November in 2017, the Classics will compete over six rounds in Scotland for the points championship, thus matching the number of rounds staged in Ireland. Three rounds will be at HRP Lochgelly, and three with be at GMP Racewall Cowdenbeath. On top of the National Series, competing for the Silver stripes with Blue boarder, there will also be the feature meeting of the Scottish Open where drivers from England, Scotland and Ireland will come together to compete for the right of don the Saltire on the roof of their race car. The first staging of this championship took place at Lochgelly in April this year. The meeting was a tremendous success with England’s Daz Owen being the winner of the title.

Following the success of four Classics being involved with Legends Day last year, the involvement of seven drivers this year was an eagerly anticipated step up and would act as an excellent launch pad to further publicise the 2017 Scottish CHR series.

Those present were Graham McCabe, who although yet to complete is own new race car an eagerly anticipated all new Talbot Sunbeam, had brought the Chevette to the meeting. This lovely looking race car was now resplendent in the colours of its new owner 84 John McFarlane.

Now nicknamed #McFastlane, John has been involved with Classic Hot Rods for years and was a lynch pin in the behind the scenes discussions that made the Scottish Series a reality. A former banger and Mascar driver, it has always been a dream of John’s to have and race his own ‘proper’ hot rod and this day was the day he was able to finally get behind the wheel and make dreams come true!

Another driver making his dreams come true was Graeme Allister. Allister had commenced racing last season at the wheel of the former Polley Anglia racing under #3, but a brand new mk2 Escort build was commissioned from the McCabe stable over the winter and she was here at Racewall to break cover. Graeme had decided on the colour scheme of his favour Scottish hot rod driver from back in the day, Graham Waite, and a new number #251. The car’s appearance made the impact the Dunfermline man was looking for and fans at the track, and following here on the CHR page were impressed by its stunning looks.

Yet another new face to the Classic Hot Rod scene in Scotland was an ex-patriot Englishman’s. Born in Carlisle, raised in Newcastle, and now living in Glasgow, Trevor Forrester, is a man of considerable racing experience with many years racing Stock Rods. A close friend of Brett Sneddon, Trevor had finally succumbed to Brett’s ‘pestering’ to join the formula. Having purchased the Anglia of former racer Gary Andrews, just two days after that purchase, the Mk2 Escort of Shane Taylor came up for sale. Never one to do things by half measures, Trevor but that too, and is was this car, still sporting its bright yellow paint work with black wheel arches, that #ThePowerMan Forrester brought to Racewall for the opportunity of further practice and set up.

Joining these new faces was the afore mentioned Sneddon with his two tone blue Escort. Brett has seriously impressed his rivals in this his debut year in CHRs having won a brace of victories at Ipswich and Hednesford. He seems destined to be the potential top Scottish driver unless one of the new guys upsets the apple cart!

Capturing the heart of many a Scottish Hot Rod fan, the popular Keith Chesher #TheChesherKat was again present at legends day in the 162 Escort, liveried to match the famous machine his dad Malcolm used in the seventies. The presence of the Escort, yet another race machine from the McCabe workshops, was an instant hit with the fans last year, and there was no exception this year either. It was certainly a family day out for the Chesher crew and Keith was especially proud to have his mum in attendance, matching the pride Graeme Allister had to have his mum there. When it came to getting out on track, the 162 car was showing the best pace it had ever done.

#TrevTheRev, 12 Trevor Harris, completed the impressive contingent of Classic Hot Rod drivers at Racewall for Legends Day. The jovial Harris, already winner of the Traveller of the Year in Classic Hot Rods having competed regularly not only in England but in Ireland as well at the wheel of the former Polley/ Allister Anglia, was ready to put the laps in again at his most local of tracks. Ironically, Racewall is not a favoured place for Trevor to race, “Too fast.” He says, “I like the smaller tracks of Lochgelly and Birmingham better.” But be assured, Trevor will be supporting all the Scottish rounds next season.

All seven drivers enjoyed the six lap demo test sessions that Legends Day afforded them. Yes, seven drivers, as Graham McCabe took out both the Chevette and the Escort that he had built as his greater racing and building experience would give him a better feel for how the cars were going before handing them over to their new owners.

Everyone driving put in a good account of themselves and their cars, and they certainly sounded music to the ears as they rounded Scotch Corner and blasted turn four and into the home straight to allow their two litre dull roar and pitched sing of the Crossflow reverberate in the famous Racewall grandstand.

It will be easy to see how the Classics will be a success north of the boarder. At Racewall they have the speed of the track and the perfect atmospheric amphitheatre in front of Scots fans who rarely hold back in voicing their appreciation of racing. In contrast their is the challenge of the smaller and irregular shape of Lochelly, just a staggering three miles up the A92. Maybe #TrevTheRev will take some catching their, but certainly #OorBrett Sneddon will relish the challenge!

More drivers have registered their interest in CHRs now that a Scottish Series has been confirmed, arguably, one of the most significant, certainly as far as older generation race fans are concerned is Kenny Ireland. Kenny took on the best year after year in the glory years of hot rods in the seventies at the wheel of the 196 Escort, and this avuncular witty sexergenairian looked very keen on getting behind the wheel again……so watch this space!

Rob Hughes

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