The usual suspects of the ever growing Scottish classic hot rod scene were out and ready to race, no McTaber team who are busy preparing for a trip to Ireland.
A wet and greasy heat 1 by the looks of it, 523 Matt Macpherson broke away and looked set for a win until spinning out with under 5 laps to go.
17 Kenny Purdie was having a right old battle with 58 Alex Wilson , who was handed the lead battling away to take the win.
Heat 2 a much dryer track 523 MacPherson again got to the front chased by 84 John Mcfarlane . 58 Wilson was looking good until cooking the Chuvitt up a little too much out of turn 4 ,allowing Jock Campbell and Purdie through. The pair battled for second a way down on MacPherson 523 who made sure of the win.

A slightly smaller field of cars for the final was narrowed down further with 17 Purdie pulling off before the start has the car packed in
523 MacPherson was first away chased by a much quicker 84 Mcfastlane although not quick enough to hold off 58 Wilson
It was looking at  straight race for 523 Matt Macpherson, until 59 Wilson and Jock Vampbel caught up with him

 Wilson steaming by inthe zetec powered  Chuvitt to take a second victory of the night making it heat and Final. 

A great nights racing , thanks to Kirsty Mcfastlane  and Janice Crawley for video work and Jason has always for his committal to CHR.

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