Arlington Report 18 th July 2018 …by Steve Linfield

The annual visit for the Classic Hot Rods to the far south-east of the map Arlington Stadium, Eastbourne saw a disappointing but not unexpected entry of seven cars in attendance, in front of a good-sized crowd on a nice summer’s evening (just as they most have been in 2018!) and as they old saying goes, it is not always necessary to have a large grid to produce good racing and it was proven on this time around the fast and tight confines of Arlington.

The furthest travelled by far was 12 Trevor Harris, having made the 10-hour journey from Fife in Scotland whilst at the other end of the scale, 210 Hughie Weaver literally travelled from almost around the corner to race. 353 Steve Spooner had a relatively local meeting from the Dorking area, 257 Andrew Willis returned to with a trip down from Birmingham and the remainder made the trip from East Anglia in 72 Gary Goodswen, 445 Graham Boyd and 555 Gavin Taber.

The evening will be remembered for the great battles between Goodswen and Taber. After Harris had led heat one until just past halfway he was caught and passed by 72 and 555. After several attempts looking round the outside of Taber, Goodswen made the move stick and went on to take a good win. Harris was the early leader in heat two, but a better start from Taber this time meant that Goodswen was only able to keep him in his sights rather than challenge him and it was 555 that took a comfortable win. The ‘Holiday Makers Trophy’ Final, this time via the clutch start saw Harris again lead the first part of the race but again all the progress was being made by Taber and Goodswen. They were almost together when they caught and passed Harris and then just as in heat one it was a case of Goodswen looking on the outside of Taber for lap after lap. Whether it was a case of the grip not being where it was in the first race, or Taber finding better pace, Goodswen just couldn’t find a way around this time. But it was certainly a fascinating watch. So, it was Taber’s win from Goodswen whilst for some of the time when the battle for the lead going on, there was a similar one for third with Boyd eventually making his way around Harris.

thanks to Steve Linfield for the report.

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